Let it NOT snow

My all-weather snowman post must have jinxed us. We did wind up with a white Christmas here in the northeast, but the timing wasn’t the best. The snow started falling in earnest around 3:30 on Christmas Eve and continued to make things messy throughout the evening. My sister actually called me in hysterics from an exit on the highway because the plows were slow to make it out onto the roads. Eventually, she made it home safely without me going out to rescue her.

Then, round two came today. I was looking forward to going out clearance shopping to pick up some cheap supplies for Christmas Pinterest projects next year, but my mom got to work, called home, and told us we’d better stay put.

Jillian and I decided that we should shovel the snow since it would be dark by the time dad got home. I packed several coats for my trip home, but the weather was nice, so I didn’t pack boots, gloves or scarves. This was distinctly a bummer since I’m well prepared for the outdoors when I’m at home. I’ve got my one piece coveralls, so I don’t even have to get out of my pjs to shovel. I’ve got snow boots and rain boots and gloves with all sorts of thinsulate. But, today, I gave my sister mom’s snow boots since I’m a nice person…sometimes. That meant I was reduced to putting on Walmart bags, taping them to my legs, and putting on my sneakers. I ought to have just shoveled in the Walmart bags. It would have made for better stories to tell my kids someday. I would have made sure to walk uphill both ways too.

ghetto snowboots
















Once we got outside, it actually started to rain. But, we were afraid it wouldn’t be enough to melt the snow, so we still shoveled. We were soaked by the time we came inside. The wet spot on my elbow was after the rain soaked through my coat and my fleece.

wet from snowI’m not sure why Jillian cut the top of my head off. Maybe I was having a bad hair day after all that, and she didn’t want to tell me.

I’m off now to continue my puzzle race against her. We’re seeing who can get their 500 piece puzzle together first. We’ve been keeping ourselves occupied by playing games and watching HGTV all day.