Two more weeks to summer

Summer is winding down. I have two weeks to be exact I start teaching again, two weeks before I’m sitting here waiting for my evening Olympic cravings to be quelled and pondering how the first day of class went. This summer has been fairly typical, that is to say, I sit here wondering how it’s possible that virtually none of my ambitious projects are done. Not to sound all dismal, I must say that the closing of summer will bring some welcome change. For instance, the ambient temperature and relative humidity of my house will no longer resemble a sauna, enabling me to use a hair dryer again and to allowing me to watch TV without ratcheting up the volume to levels typically reserved for those in their 90s.

Still, it’s sad that summer is winding down. Since summer ends every year regardless of my attempts to stop it, I’ve done some things to cave to it’s ending. I’ve indulged in back to school sales. It’s hard to resist when I can get tabbed dividers that I don’t need at the moment for one penny. If I don’t get them for one penny now, I’ll be gasping for air when I have to pay three bucks and change for them later. I also went back to school in an official capacity on Monday to run my first ever faculty development workshop. I’m off to an inauspicious start in that endeavor. Seven people were supposed to show up, but only two could make it. Inauspicious is probably too strong a label; I’m glad that seven people signed up for a summer workshop in the first place; that exceeded my expectations, and other individuals expressed interest for the fall. I should just call Monday a dress rehearsal for the fall workshop.

Well, there’s still time tonight; I can get some more social justice reading done to progress towards one of my goals.