Errand Day

Today wasn’t supposed to be a shopping/errand day, but it turned out that way. The new Student Learning Commons at LBC is getting furniture put in place. I’m so excited about this new building that I could almost just pitch a sleeping bag on the floor and sleep there — kinda like Apple enthusiasts do when they’re waiting for the iPhone release. Alas, we don’t have occupancy permits yet, so for today, I had to satisfy myself with checking out the chairs that the writing center has. I’m just going to say that people might make appointments at the writing center simply to have the chance to sit in our super trendy, springy, swiveling chairs for an hour. Then, I was invited to go along to Kirklands to start to think about decor for the center. I’m not going to let any surprises out of the bag, but I’ll just say that we found two pieces of art work with colors coordinating so well with the paint and furniture that we couldn’t have done much better if we had been sitting in a room with an artist and starting from a blank slate. I felt a little like I was on Design Star while I was there.

I can give this teaser. I found this for my own bathroom at Kirklands.

I know that it might not make too much sense for me to be bringing home a ceramic boot planter for my bathroom, but it does make sense. I have a clear direction for my bathroom decor — finally. And, eventually, I’m going to get this house decor finished, and I’m going to have a fun week of blog house tour posts. Not yet though…

After returning from the most fun I’ve had in the writing center all summer, I realized I needed to go to the grocery store. I also realized that interior decorating doesn’t leave much time for lunch. Knowing that going to the grocery store hungry is quite possibly one of the worst ideas on the planet — right behind setting yourself on fire or crossing the street without looking, I figured I should grab a snack, so I grabbed Target’s Archer Farm brand Brown Rice Sesame crackers.

In my humble opinion, Target should win an award for innovative snack food. They make some cheddar & asiago sourdough squares that pair wonderfully with ranch dip. Given this proven track record of good snacking, I figured I’d try the brown rice sesame crackers. They were so good that I put a blurry picture of them on the blog because you WILL want to go try them. If you’re trying to eat healthy, I think these have a crunch suitable to sub in for potato chips, and they have a light saltiness to them too if you’re using them for that purpose. One serving size is 130 calories and 2.5 grams of fat with 1 gram of fiber and 3 grams of protein to round out the snack. And, the serving size? Wait for it….

1/4 of the container! Yes, you can eat a whole row of the crackers for your snack. Talk about a psychological boost. No 100 calorie packs with 2 cookies.

Having filled my belly with healthy snacks I was able to avoid buying every baked good in the grocery store, and I returned instead with this healthy arrangement. The basil and mint mark my foray into keeping fresh herbs growing —

or at least attempting to. The eggplant are so I can make a healthy version of eggplant parmesan, which will be a first. And the red pepper went into my tuna and white bean salad, which was also a first time recipe and delicious. It’s going on my list of work friendly lunches.

It wasn’t all health food around here though. Tomorrow evening, I’m going to a party, so right now the fridge and freezer are holding onto the fruits of my kitchen labors: spiced cape cod cooler, minted iced tea (with citrus kick), raspberry ganache pie, and blueberry ice cream pie. I’ll be sure to report back with recipes if any of these experiments in the kitchen prove worthy of reproducing.