Beach Trip

I just got back from a weekend in Rehobeth Beach, which is the first beach trip that I’ve gone on in years. Five other women from the church went for a girl’s weekend, and we couldn’t have asked for better weather. At least I couldn’t have asked for better weather. I’m not a fan of the beach when it’s a sweltering 90 plus degrees. Instead, I love it when it’s hovering just below 80 with a nice breeze, which is what we got this weekend. The water was freezing, but since I’m content to just get my ankles wet, the water temps were fine by me. I like to be able to kick back, read, and people watch.

We wound up staying at the Heritage Inn. If you’re a hotel snob, then don’t stay here. The public spaces like the hallways and lobbies aren’t well ventilated, and the exercise room was under equipped (not that I exercised, but some of the girls in our group wanted to). However, the hotel has family rooms that will sleep six, which is a nice feature; the rooms were clean and didn’t feel dated, and there was plenty of space in the room. The state beaches are an easy 15 minute drive away, and it was only $300 for two nights, so it was quite affordable for in season accommodations. We wound up spending our days out on Cape Henlopen State Park’s beach, which was a nice beach. It wasn’t crowded; the bathhouse was fine until the end of the day when it seems like all beach bathhouses get a little yucky. And, parking was a breeze (cheaper  too than all day parking at Rehobeth Beach — whose parking was so special that it will get its own blog post).

It turns out that I’m an uberslow reader at the beach because there is just too much interesting stuff going on around me, even at a sparsely populated beach, and we met some interesting characters indeed in our travels.

Our first morning there, three girls were downstairs exercising and three of us were in the room getting ready for the day. Someone knocked on our door, and before I could tell the other girls to check who is was since our roomies should have a key, one of them flung the door open to this women with matted hair and smokers rasp. She said she didn’t have any conditioner and wanted to borrow some of ours, describing her hair, expletives included, if she didn’t use conditioner on it. Believe it or not, in a room of six girls, we actually did have some trouble tracking down conditioner, and by that time, the woman invited herself into our room. We finally got her some conditioner, and then she asked us if we had any beer or wine in the room, “just to get her to the beach.” We were aghast and sent her on her way with just the conditioner — at 8:30 in the morning. We ran into her on the way back up from breakfast, and I’m happy to report that the conditioner did indeed help her hair. That was definitely an encounter making the top five strangest hotel experiences ever in my life.

Then, when we returned later in the day, three of us decided to go read by the pool while three people started to get ready for dinner. I was trying to finish up my Agatha Christie book when my friend turned to me and whispered, “Does that guy have cornhole on the luggage cart?” Sure enough, I looked up to see this grown man rolling in a luggage cart holding two regulation sized cornhole boards. The entire group, as I slowly pieced things together, appeared to be a few father/son pairs traveling up from the South for the Nascar race at Dover, and one of them was serious about cornhole. Hardcore. He was quite vocal in telling his family that he was going to go to the car to get the new, never been used, bean bags for cornhole, and when he  thought the kids might throw the bean bags into the water…. well, let’s just say, I’m glad that didn’t happen because as stated already, he was quite the cornhole aficionado. My friend and I were trying to observe unobtrusively, but we almost lost it when the cornhole play had to be stopped because some water had gotten onto the boards. This was definitely one of the best people watching opportunities of not just the trip but my summer so far. 

Interesting people aside, our group also got to check out Annie Banannies when we went to the Boardwalk in the evening. At this shop, they’ve mastered the process of turning bananas into a soft ice cream substitute, and while it doesn’t taste exactly like soft ice cream, it does have the exact same consistency, and considering that you only get as many calories and as much sugar as would be in a normal banana, I’ve got to say that I wish we had one hear in PA. I got peanut butter and peanuts for my toppings, and what more can I say…peanut butter and banana’s are a winning combo any day of the week!

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