Sitting Pretty

My parents came for a work day today, and I was reminded that I’d either be dirt poor or sitting in a half finished hovel if it weren’t for their many, many hours of free labor. My dad brought his taller ladder, and we went to work on the tree that was attacking the garage roof. I took the first mighty swipe out of the tree. Actually, it was more like the longest, more laborious handsaw cut ever. But, I finally got through the huge bough. After it kicked back and almost took me off the ladder, my dad decided it would be best for him to climb the ladder to do some pruning work. So, now I’ve had my second near-death (or at least broken neck) ladder experience, and the problematic limbs on that tree are history. A sunnier yard and only a few minor scratches on me are the results of that labor.

Then, instead of mocking my poor attempt at a window seat frame that I attempted to build, my dad set to work measuring it and figuring out where I went wrong. The bottom measures about 36 inches wide and the top 33 or 34 inches, so something went wrong there, but other than that, I had it built pretty level — in spite of sawing all the boards with a handsaw. My dad took out some of the screws and explained to me how to use the drill properly if I wanted to get a tight fit between boards. It’s sitting up in the attic with some clamps holding on the trim. It’s amazing what a few 6 inch wide trim boards will do to cover up a few carpentry mistakes. I had asked my dad if I could borrow his upholstery stapler so I can attach the fabric to the seat, but on one of my many trips to the basement, I discovered that I already had his upholstery staplers along with many, many more his tools.

Dad also did a bunch of heavy lifting while he was here. We got all four — yes, that’s four — window air conditioners installed, and he helped me heft my new desk all the way to the third floor. While we were busy doing that, my mom did load the dishwasher and swept all the loose mulch off the sidewalk out front. She also brought me so many leftovers that I won’t be cooking this week.So, now I won’t be awakened tomorrow at 5 or 6 am as the humidity settles in for the day, and I won’t have to cook for the week.

After we were tuckered out, we settled in for dinner and a retro episode of MacGyver, which was hilarious. The show debuted in 1985, the year my sister turned one. I burst out laughing when two characters were introduced in the show, and the one said something like, “Oh yes, he’s told me so much about you in his letters.” Letters? Letters?!? Who sends letters anymore? I’m going to be so amused to watch old episodes of the show. And. fast trivia fact, MacGyver didn’t start the show with a mullet. I’m wondering when it will appear. In my opinion, he’s the only guy on the planet who could rock a mullet and still be hot.

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