Thankful Tuesday is born

This is officially my 104th blog post since moving my blogging to WordPress. I meant to have a nice commemorative 100th post, but then I got tired and wrote about a revolutionary way to clean the shower. After the post went live, I realized my mistake, but a writer only gets one chance to make a commemorative 100th post, and I missed it. At least one of my readers agreed that my new way of cleaning the shower is indeed revolutionary, so maybe the 100th post made the world a cleaner place.

One thing I noticed as my blog turned 100 posts old is that it has no unifying theme. It’s actually more scattered than I am in real life. I’ve seen bloggers who have the theme down to a science; different days are for different categories of posts. And, I think that’s a great idea, but I’m not ready for that yet. I did, however, pick up an oddball book called 14,000 Things to be Happy About on one of my recent ventures to a book sale. Some of the items that made the list made me genuinely happy , and some of the items on the list make me happy because I find it enjoyable to be snarky about them. So, I decided to institute Thankful Tuesdays here at the blog. I know that Thankful Thursdays has a better ring to it, but I decided that I want to kick off the thankfulness earlier in the week. I don’t know how long this little initiative will last, but intentional thankfulness seems like a fitting start for the summer.

One of the 14,000 thousand things to celebrate in this book is the song “Love Grows Where My Rosemary Goes.” Why does this song make me happy? Well, just listen to it. Who can resist that ridiculously happy  instrumental action that ushered in the 70s? Its get in your head and sticks with you. I grew up on oldies music; my mom was a fan (and would also quite possibly be a contender for a world-champion car dancing title).

Also, go somewhere where you can talk out loud, so no one will think you are crazy. Say the name of the song 3 times fast. That made you happy, didn’t it? And, just listen to the lyrics. So sweet. Here’s a guy who can acknowledge that his girl isn’t perfect, but he still loves her.

Actually, if you can’t make out the lyrics, that’s why I posted the video link. Until the genius invention of Youtube videos with lyrics embedded, I had no idea what this song was saying, so I would just sing, “Love grows where my Rosemary grows, nahananaha, ….like me. Ba-boooo-babababooohba…lalalala la la lah..” And, that made me happy. I didn’t even need to know it was a sweet love song.

You know what other song is fun to sing even if you don’t know the lyrics? Crocodile Rock. I’d like to apologize now to all the people who’ve had to be in the car over the years with my sister and me when this song came on. We liked to crank the radio up, and then when the chorus hit, it would sound something like this,  “Cry rockin! Ra RAH ra RAH RA RAH RAH!!!!! LALAALALALALALAH!!!” What can I say? It was a tradition, and I still think our version was better even after seeing the video with lyrics.

How about my blog readers? What song makes you happy?