End of Semester Potpourri

I thought I would get more grading done today than I did, but everything seemed to be running off schedule. But, at least this semester, I don’t have too much grading to do. This is the second semester in a row when I haven’t taught my last class and then felt like I had to devote nearly every unclaimed second to grading just to meet the deadlines. This is a nice position to be in because then I don’t have to begrudge people every conversation, every meeting, every spare word that I have to give them.

As a matter of fact, I got to have a good lunch with my former academic advisor today, and by good, I mean that I appreciate very much that I have someone so willing to invest in my life. She let me cry my way through the second half of lunch, which I suspected would happen since this morning was one of the mornings that I woke up still pretty weepy about the breakup. My advisor had me for enough counseling classes, has observed me long enough in various situations, and has had lunch with me often enough that she was able to shed some light on areas of my personality that have made this whole break up so hard. Those weren’t easy things to hear, but these were so graciously shared and so insightful that I was glad she shared those insights. I feel like I’m truly blessed by the network of people in my life committed to helping me grow and willing to lend listening ears.

Then, since I had those new insights rolling around in my mind, it took me what felt like forever to find my summer reading books in the library. How can you tell when an English teacher is preoccupied? When she has trouble navigating the library of congress call numbers. Also, the moving library shelves were not cooperating. They kept thinking that someone was still between the stacks, so the red warning light was blinking when I asked the shelves to move. Fortunately, I know the secret to override the blinking red light, so I conquered the shelves, and now my office is holding about 50 books about social justice to read over the summer.

While we’re on the topic of libraries, if you have fond memories of LBC’s library, those hard study chairs, the “quiet” study carrels… then you’d better visit it this week because it’s officially ceasing to exist in its current location at the end of the week. I’m so excited! It’s time to move to the new student learning commons. The students who were working on their group project, which wound up being something the entire library could hear though they weren’t doing anything wrong, will have space available in collaborative study rooms next year. There will be natural light pouring in everywhere. And, I’ll get to go there every day that I work since I’ll be in the new writing center on the third floor. I can even sneak a peek at the soccer games from the window that overlooks the soccer field.

And, then I capped the day off with a surprise dinner with my mom and grandma since they decided to drive out here to pick up Shelby. Poor mom and grandma; they had to listen to me talk a mile a minute. Now it seems so quiet without the puppy energy around here tonight. And, that’s about it for here. Sorry blog friends, nothing too exciting or too well crafted tonight to fill up the blogosphere. It’s one of those spill my thoughts and run kind of days. I’ll probably enjoy looking back years from now on the exciting library move, and I just like to be real about how I’m doing emotionally on here occasionally because I know I have good friends who’ll keep praying me through this stage of life.