If I get a convertible…

Once in my life, I almost got a convertible. Yes, me. I was in college and took a Sebring for a test drive, and I was seriously considering buying it. My parents would have even been ok with it, but reason prevailed, and I got a nice serviceable sedan that had been owned by a chain smoker instead. I mostly put visions of convertibles behind me (though sometimes I want to go rent one just for fun), and I learned the important lesson that once a chain smoker has owned a car, it will always smell like a chain smoker has owned the car.

But, I saw a car — a crossover, to be more exact — the other day that would cause me to covet convertibles. Nissan has a Murano Crossover that would overcome nearly all my convertible hangups. First, it actually has a legitimate backseat, one suitable for adults and not just pet hamsters. Second, this backseat would allow me to haul large items home, perhaps those large yard sale purchases that I make without thinking about every other year. Third, I wouldn’t look like some airhead driving around in a tiny little car looking like a Barbie want to be (no offense to my blonde blog  readers, nor do I make any claims that I look — or want to look — like Barbie). This convertible means business. You’d look busy. on the go. get out of my way. and, oh, I might whip around the curves of a scenic mountain road when I want to shed the cares of life.

But, reason will prevail again. This car violates all my environmental and economic principles with it’s gas mileage. And, it’s probably not all that safe. I mean, I hope my next car will also hold my kids. I sure would hate for them to pop out of their carseats while I’m busy whipping around the curves of a scenic mountain road. And, then there’s snow. I mean, right now I have a garage, but what happens if I have to park outside. I’m not a fan of shoveling the sidewalk much less the roof of the car.

Ah, well, it was nice to dream. Maybe I’ll find one a Murano Crossover to rent one day this spring.

One thought on “If I get a convertible…

  1. Hum, this reveals a side of you I never saw. I guess we all have fancies that submerge beneath our more practical selves. Mine is dying my hair red. In my dreams, I have Anne Shirley hair. I wonder if these secret longings will be fulfilled in heaven. You will be whipping around curves and I will have glorious, thick, red-gold curls. 🙂

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