So confusing

I’m discovering that eating healthy is confusing. I’m not confused about counting calories or fat grams since I’m not doing that. I’m terrible at math and don’t have a smart phone with an app for that, so I dismissed calorie counting before I even got started. What is confusing is finding the anchovy paste and the tahini. I also circled around the grocery store trying to find olives, more precisely chopped olives. I found other non-chopped olives with the Mexican food AND the Italian food. Apparently, olives are a big deal around the world. When I finally found the  chopped olives, I did think I was a little pathetic to have looked for them so long since there was a label for them right on the aisle sign, but then I realized that I had first encountered aisle 9 from the other side. And, guess what’s on the other side of aisle 9? Diapers and baby food. Yeah. I mean, duh, I’m not sure why I didn’t make the connection with the olives right away.

Fortunately, the anchovy paste was right next to the olives, and now I’m all set with my 16 ounce, 7 dollar jar of tahini paste (which I only need 2 ounces of for my recipe). In the end, I discovered everything I needed, and I managed to cart it all home in time to hustle around to make some fancy fish sticks They weren’t as good as my all time favorite fish and chips at the Olde Greenfield Inn, but those transcended all expectations for breaded fish that anyone could ever have. It’s not really fair to include them in the competition. Really, is it ever fair to compare something that is fried with something that is baked? My fish sticks tonight were certainly healthier than those at the Inn, and they ran circles around Mrs. Paul’s. The breading was light, and it even had an extra kick to it since I was too lazy to get out the 1/2 teaspoon measure and may have been a little heavy handed with the cayenne pepper as a result. And, I took advantage of the new bottle of lime juice to make a lime juice/lemon seltzer water/cranberry drink to go with the fish. Yum! My beverage felt quite gourmet.

Tomorrow’s challenge: use the tahini.