I enjoy when God gets a message through to me in spite of the fact that I’m not listening very well. He did it again this morning.

It was one of those mornings when I woke up on the wrong side of the bed — one of those mornings when it seemed like within 4.5 seconds I found myself getting irritated beyond a reasonable level at not just one stupid event but two. And, I define stupid (ehem…petty) event here as my mom switching the loads of laundry (in my defense, after I had stuck around to help her out so she wouldn’t be bending and lifting). I think I had been awake for about 20 minutes before I found myself crying because the two stupid events were the tiny little pebble that started a snowball of emotions that was gathering up what seemed like every little resentment and fear that surround starting a new semester, being way more social than my introverted self generally is comfortable with, not having a stable routine for the last month, and living in a general state of limbo — with a side of unbalanced hormones to make sure life stays interesting.

And, it was a dangerous snowball of resentment and fear to get rolling. I kept tearing up the whole way home from my parents and wondered how I was possibly going to get through the day without a meltdown. But, as I neared the school, the song “Enough” came on my iPod (well, technically, my MP3 player since I’m too cheap to shell out the dough for an iPod). I stopped and listened to the lyrics, knowing that the snowball formed so quickly because I’ve been reverting to quite the “I do it myself” mentality of a three year old for the past month as the stress has mounted. And, then, “Enough” played again since I have my MP3 player currently set to play through all song titles alphabetically and there are two versions of the song in there. And, it’s good that there are because this morning was a morning when I needed to hear an extra dose of the truth from God  that all He is will be more than enough for me — more than enough to handle the snowball. I’m glad that He has enough truth to be persistent in getting it through to me.