Dinner in a pinch

Break has passed by in whirlwind. Out of all the house projects I had anticipated doing, I got exactly 0 finished. The rest of my anticipated catch up work went much the same way… though that’s typical of my breaks, so I’m not surprised at myself.

Plus, I was barely home. I was in Virginia, at my parents, in Virginia more, at my parents, in… I think people can get the picture. After we got home last time, Deogi ran around the living room and dining room several times, jumping onto the couch with great gusto a time or two for good measure. I think he was excited to be home. I think I’m not quite ready to go back to school with all the project pending, but at the same time, I’m excited to be back in a routine too. It was wonderful to be able to get extended time with Todd and my family, but going to the grocery store and planning out meals and being at home long enough to eat the leftovers might be a welcome change of pace. I’m a homebody at the core.

When I get home, I plan to cook my way through my Cooking Light resevoir of recipes that are sitting on a clipboard just waiting to help me shed some winter pudge. While on the road though, I revived a recipe that I hadn’t made in awhile. First, I made the bruschetta chicken bake for Todd when we needed a quick go to meal one evening. Then, since mom is on restrictions for the next week and can lift stuff or do any bending, I made a batch for the family. The leftovers should hold them over for a good while. It’s nice to rediscover long lost recipes sometimes.