More crafty Christmas

I also made some other crafts this Christmas thanks to some Pinterest inspiration.

My first idea – making some earrings for a friend – was a semi-failure. I got some flowers and got off to a promising start painting them yellow.





I didn’t even think painting the decorative middle accents went too badly (given my artistic skills).




But, then I decided they just weren’t my friend’s style. So, I ditched that project and got her a Starbucks gift card, which I knew was her style. My next project went better. I had already got the idea from my friend’s Pinterest pins, so I knew she liked the idea. I went to this Owl heating pad tutorial and decided it looked doable. It was one of those projects where I just knew that I had found the right fabric for the job when I spotted it in A.C. Moore, so while I was taking breaks from grading papers, I cut out the pattern and the fabric and sewed the eyes on the owl. Then, I whisked my sewing machine out of the closet and kneeled on the floor (using my knee to operate the pedal) to get him all stitched together. Then, I found out that I had layered him wrong and the interfacing was on the outside. I ripped out all the stitches and resewed him together. I’m glad my friend has many Pinterest pins because that kept her from putting two and two together when she came over and saw rice all over my sink from my wild dash to stuff the owl with rice. And, at our Christmas party, I surprised her with the owl rice bag. Now she can nurse a stiff neck with some TLC.










And, finally, since my Christmas tree this year received a grade of D-, I needed to redeem the holiday spirit with something festive. I also needed some gifts for Todd’s family, so I found a cute cookie platter (Mikasa saves the day), and I baked and iced some sugar cookies.


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  1. Thanks for giving me a heads up so I could come and see your version of my owl heating pad. Love it — the fabric is so cute and I’m sure your friend was happy with a hand-made present from her friend. Homemade gifts mean so much more! Thanks for sharing! – Suzanne

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