Welcome to the World of Kindle

This Christmas brought a change to my reading options; I became a Kindle owner. Todd got me a Kindle Touch for Christmas. I’m currently reading The Life of Pi since it was the Kindle deal of the day when I got it. Plus, there is a movie of it coming out, so now I’ll be ahead of the game when the movie comes out. The daily deal the other day was The Giver, which, believe it or not, I’ve never read. I’m excited to read it.

I went back and forth about getting a Kindle because I love paper books and used book sales are my personal form of therapy. However, I finally came to the conclusion that it’s not all or nothing; I can have the best of both worlds. I can still get paper books, but now when I travel, I don’t have to take a big stack of books along, and I’m discovering that I’m going to be able to be more current in my reading because I’ll be able to catch the Kindle daily deals and pick up books that won’t filter to the bargain table at book sales for several years. Plus, I can use the Kindle to free up some bookshelf space. My plan for this week is to sift through my classics bookshelf so I can decide which books have nondescript boring covers that I’m not attached too. I can then put the classics for free into my Kindle. And, clearing that bookshelf will free up some room for some books that don’t have a home right now.  I’m sure there will be some mental tug of wars. For example, I could get The Complete Father Brown Mysteries on Kindle for 99 cents, and that book does take up quite a bit of room on the shelf, but I like that book. I think it will still win a place on the shelf unless the shelves start to get cramped. (However, for those who didn’t get lucky enough to track down that complete collection at a book sale, I highly, highly recommend investing the dollar.)

And, I also got right to work on a cover for my Kindle. Todd was super thoughtful, and when he gave me the Kindle, he had already put a screen protector on it. The Kindle needed a little more padding though to ride along in my purse, so I had some fun today picking out fabric to make a case for it.  I followed along with this helpful tutorial, and here’s what I came up with…










Then, here is the inside (a little fuzzy) in a nice coordinating fabric








I did the math calculations incorrectly (big surprise), so the case wound up being just a tad bit smaller than I wanted it to be, but the case still pads the screen, which was the main goal. And, finally, my favorite part of the case is the closure. Danielle gets credit for giving me the idea of layering the buttons; all her Pinterest surfing is paying off…










5 thoughts on “Welcome to the World of Kindle

  1. Really cute! Just followed over from the tutorial. I’ve been holding my new kindle touch…just hoping for inspiration for a cute case. I wanted to get a Kindle for xmas after coming to the same conclusion…it’s not all or nothing. Oh, and after my public library became fully on board with e-books. Pretty awesome!

    • Oh yeah, I forgot to list the library benefits. I’ve already become accustomed to getting my audiobooks from the library via download, so I hardly step foot in the door to get anything else. It’s almost a shame since my library built such a nice, new building recently. Best wishes on making yourself a Kindle case that you love!

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