Dollar Tree Conundrum

I stopped by the Dollar Tree today and was particularly struck by two facts.

First, the Dollar Tree will be open for Thanksgiving. Retailers refusals to close for Thanksgiving and Christmas are really starting to irk me. In our consumer driven society, is it too much to ask that we stop the flow of cash for two days at least so that most people can be with their families? I understand that gas stations might need to stay open; people often travel great distances to see family, sometimes too far to make one tank of gas last. I understand why Todd has to work; people can’t help it if they have an emergency on Thanksgiving like carving their fingers instead of the turkey or being involved in one of those unfortunate turkey fryer incidents that seem to happen each Thanksgiving. Ok, maybe in some cases people could help having an emergency if they would just be more careful. But, still, the hospital does legitimately need to be open on holidays. But, the Dollar Tree? I’ve wracked my brain to figure out what people could possibly need from the Dollar Tree so urgently that it can’t wait until the next day. And that logic goes for the grocery store and all the other general merchandise retailers out there. (And, no, people not having the foresight to stock up on brown sugar or butter is not an excuse to keep the grocery store open.)

The second, and completely unrelated, fact that struck me was that the tape measure I bought is far more user friendly than all the tape measures that I had to lose to lead up to this purchase. It marks out the 1/8 inch increments on the tape with numbers. So, I can look across the tape and see 1/8, 1/4, 3/8, etc. Why can the tape that costs me a dollar do that when the more expensive tapes from Lowes don’t? I have a feeling that my dad would be infinitely happier when I’m assisting him with a project if I could say with confidence: “We need to cut this board to 14 3/8 inch.” Now, I tell him: “We need to cut this to 14 inches plus two dashes and a phflt.” Nope, I’m not misspelling that. I just throw out a random sound to tell him to cut the board to some semblance of the random dash on the unmarked tape.