Random Observations

I don’t feel like writing a blog with an embedded thesis statement, a post that fits neatly into one category. Here’s a random smattering of the day instead.

Transience – Today I cleaned out the writing center files, archiving the records of students who are no longer at the school. As I put blank white labels on the file folders, so we could reuse them, I thought about how symbolic the act is of higher education as a whole. Everything runs in a cycle; people come and people go. That made me a little sad. And, it made me think that I should make sure I try to do a great job with any opportunities that I’m given. The foundation that I set up today gives someone else the opportunity to take programs and people one step farther or it creates a wobbly mess that they have to take apart before they can begin to rebuild.

Humor – I got a headhunting email (of sorts) today to inform me that another like-minded institution is looking for a new president. I’ve reflected upon this invitation to check out the job description, and I’ve made a decision. I will not pursue the position.

No, seriously. I can imagine myself as a college president. Here is what I imagine: I would rise at 4 am each morning. This would be necessary because I would hate my job so much that I would need to sob, the most gut-wrenching, horrific sobs in the world, for three hours straight before I could bring myself to go to work each morning. Then, I would sit in front of my computer playing Bookworm for hours on end (with brief breaks for Scrabble) while my email alert dinged constantly to let me know that my message count was rising into the thousands. I would do this because I would be so paralyzed by sheer and utter hopelessness at the task before me. In other words, I respect the president of our college tremendously. I watch how calmly and graciously he handles each and every situation put before him, and I’m glad there are people in the world wired to handle the type of responsibility that he’s been given. As for me, I won’t be submitting my resume to that other college looking for a president because I’m definitely not wired to handle that type of role 🙂

Post-it note implants – I think it would be awesome if post-it would come up with some type of refillable implant that I could put on my arm. I would use it to remind myself of all kinds of things. Take for example, I would write down how to get home. Today, I called my parents to tell them not to take the back way to my house because of flooding. Hours later when I was going to my house, which road do you think I found myself on?

Amusement – After watching my parent’s dog for the night, I know why my mom loves Shelby. That dog is hilarious. She followed me around the house like she wanted me to talk to her, and I swear, the dog is trying to learn English. I’m pretty sure she knows at least as many words as Lassie did. She’s so curious. This morning while I was brushing my teeth, I looked over and realized that she was just sitting on the rug by the bathtub studying what I was doing.

Tomorrow – Tomorrow’s a big day. My students get to find out what their first major assignments of the semester are, and I get to try to match names to faces after being gone for a long weekend.