Watching Paint Dry

Tonight, I’m sitting here watching paint dry. No, I’m not socially hopeless. I’m just literally watching paint dry. I painted the front door and the back door, and only after I got started did it occur to me that I can’t shut the doors and go to bed until the paint dries enough to prevent sticking. So, it’s going to be a late night.
Today’s marathon workday didn’t turn out quite as planned. It got off to a decent start; I tumbled out of bed, put on clothes covered in paint splotches, threw my hair in a pony tail, grabbed my Lowes credit card, and headed out the door for a supply run. Pretty much I was reminded of life in the summer of 2008 when that was almost my daily routine. At least even though its the summer of 2011, and I’m still finishing up house projects, I can be grateful that I didn’t have to collapse tonight in an exhausted heap to watch the drywall dust floating around in the air, and I didn’t have to look around at bare plaster walls waiting to be painted.

Anyway, I returned to the house with my supplies, and shortly thereafter, an angel (disguised as a student) showed up with coffee in hand to help tackle the list of things to do. We made good progress throughout the morning. Sarah pressured washed the alley between the houses. The concrete actually looks like concrete now instead of scum covered rock. I had managed to locate some edging at Lowes that could be pounded into the ground with a rubber mallet, so I set to work edging out the area around the tree out front. For now at least, the edging is corralling the landscape rock that I placed under the  tree last year instead of letting it scatter all over the sidewalk.

Sarah and I also scraped the loose paint off the front window frames and door. She pressure washed the front porch, the rusty railing, and the mailbox. I trimmed the bushes out front, pulled weeds, and redistributed mulch on the front hill. While all this was in progress, it started to rain. That was not cool. I specifically picked today for the outdoor work because there was only a 20% chance of rain.

We came in for lunch, and the chance of rain had gone up to 30%. The radar was a fairly vivid green, and the weather said the rain could get heavy at times. Our after lunch to do list included outdoor painting, sealing the decks and fence, patching the sidewalk, and spray painting the porch railing. And, unfortunately, all of those tasks can’t be done if rain is coming. I made the call not to proceed forward. And, it hasn’t rained a drop since. I don’t want it to rain on anyone’s picnics tomorrow afternoon, but let me just say that if I don’t wake up and find that it has rained overnight. I’m going to be kinda ticked off.