Audiobook Recommendation

I found a new favorite author — Wendall Berry. gives away one free download of an audio book every month, and this month their selection was Berry’s Hannah Coulter. The book was a departure from my normal mysteries, but I found myself not wanting the story to end. The story is told through the eyes of Hannah, an elderly woman, who has lost two husbands, raised all her children, and is now reflecting on her life. Berry has this way of evoking the emotion of moments in life that are hard to describe. I felt as I was listening to the story that I was sitting with a grandmother, who was sharing her accumulated lessons gathered from a life well-lived. The narrative structure added a nice sense to the story as well because it ambled along, much like it would if I was in the room listening to someone recount their life’s story.

There are still a few days left to get the free audio download. I’d recommend doing that; you’ve got nothing to lose. The download wound up not being free for me though because I just went back to Christian Audio to buy three more Wendall Berry books since I loved them so much. Fortunately, those books are on sale this month.

P.S. If this book review isn’t quite up to my normal standards, it’s because Jillian interrupted my 500 times while I was typing it 😛