So Complicated

Somehow I wound up getting on the Lifehacker email list. The most recent headline, “How to Banish Your Ex from Your Digital Life” caught my attention. Now, Todd doesn’t need to be worried. I was curious about this article because my students and I were talking about appropriate boundaries for technology and how to balance technology and “real life” in class the other day. This article is yet another reminder of how complicated it is to balance the social circles that are complicated by the increased activity on our part that makes our lives transparent and the increased potential for lurking where we can follow other’s lives without them knowing.

I don’t have anything profound to say about the article. Though I will say, I feel this impact in my own life. For me, the question I’ve pondered is “the list.” With Facebook’s ability to spread news about my life almost before I even know it’s  news, I have thought, “Ok. If I was going to put something big on Facebook, who would I personally need to contact before I made the news ‘public.'”  I guess it’s not an entirely new problem; after all, in the past, we would call the people closest to us and say, “Now, I didn’t talk to so and so yet, so please don’t tell them.” But, still, it’s a strange time we live in.