Race Time

It happened today. I broke up — with my printer.

Someone from Craigslist came and gave me $45 to relieve me of the pain and agony of dealing with that evil machine. May the extra ink that I threw in be a comfort to that poor guy as he wrestles with the printer (or may he be more knowledgeable than I with printer drivers and actually have some success with the thing).

So, did I spend the evening doing writing center work as I should have? Psh, no.

Instead, I just spent an inordinate amount of time checking out printer reviews and deciding where to next cast my lot.

Bye-bye, HP.

Hello, Epson. I look forward to checking out your wireless capabilities and your duplex printing capabilities. May your scanning capabilities and your vivid DURAbright Ultra Pigment Inks aid me in my quest to fill picture frames and adorn the empty bookshelves of my new office. And, may you do this all at lightning speed since you are the “world’s fastest all-in-one printer” (or so says your maker).

Here was the most curious part of the whole affair though (other than the constantly disappearing HP drivers, which were the root of this entire fiasco)…

The company that I bought the printer from is in New York City. They offered free shipping with an expected delivery date of August 11th. Or, I could choose UPS Next Day Air for $56.75 extra — also with an expected delivery date of August 11th (I think they are closed tomorrow).

Hm…after thinking for a few moments, I decided to go with the free shipping.