Click, click, click

You know that noise that roller coasters make as they haul you up the first hill…I mean those old roller coasters that take forever to get you there. That’s how I’m starting to feel. Exactly two weeks from now, I will have met my group of students for my summer class, and I will have launched into 18 weeks of teaching. And, I’m not ready. That’s why I hear this haunting click, click, click. If I had pulled off some of those 40 hours weeks that I should have at the beginning of the summer, then maybe I’d just be hanging out in giddy anticipation, more like the ride on those new-fangled magnetic launch coasters. But, instead, I’m clicking slowly to the point of no return.

So, here are the main concerns. I still have 93 writing center hours to make up from last year…hm, not cool. I still have to pull together assessment documents from last year, read faculty portfolios from last year, and finish mapping courses to our institutional objectives. Now, granted, not all this stuff has to be done two Wednesdays from now, but I’m trying not to let myself fall into the false trap of thinking that I’ll have oodles of time in the office once I start teaching. Somehow, life just changes when I know that students emails could be waiting for me every time I neurotically check my email. And, my sense of priorities shifts a bit when I know there are assignments I should be grading.

Here’s my schedule. Really, anything that needs  to get done before I start teaching should be done by next Tuesday. That’s when I’ll get away for one more trip to Virginia to see Todd before school starts. I can take some work because we’re both crazy busy right now, so we’ll spend some time reading together. It works for us; we’ve gone on dates to the library and Wegmans’ cafe before. (I know. How cool is it that I found someone who will go to a library on a date?) Then, I will have to drag myself back from Virginia to get my wisdom teeth yanked out, er…carefully removed via surgical procedure. I’m hoping that doesn’t take me out for five days, but I’m going to guess that for at least two days, I’m not going to want to do much besides watch movies.

But, if you’re still with me, here are the positive things. I get to go to Virginia one more time. Did I mention that? I did get just a tiny, tiny bit excited when I got to go to Kohl’s today to pick up a few new pieces for my school wardrobe. It turns out that buying school clothes can still be a great way to prep mentally for the year. I have most of the syllabi for the upcoming semester checked; I’m just waiting for a few straggling syllabi to come in. My mom can come take care of me during the wisdom tooth aftermath. Moms know how to make everything better (well, moms and vicodin).

I guess I’d better pull down on the lap bar and tighten my seatbelt because the ride starts soon.

One thought on “Click, click, click

  1. one(great)englishteacher, as much as I despise roller coasters; I absolutely love to read your written thoughts. Your writings have an amazing way of drawing me in to the point of no return. I will lift you up in prayer as you undergo the wisdom teeth extraction. God bless you, and thanks for the written thought.


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