Diversity Day

Today must have been diversity day at the dog park. There were bulldogs, huskies, elkhounds, and mutts all pacing around. It was too hot to do much running. My favorite moment of the park though was when we first got there. Deogi is pretty spunky,

but I could tell he met his match when a huge, two year old Great Dane came trotting over to check him out. I wish I would have had a camera. The Great Dane was typical — a gentle giant, but he still stopped Deogi in this tracks. I guess I’d be a little leary too if I could almost walk under a dog without having to scrunch up. It was such a cool Great Dane. When I see them in person, I forget just how big they are. When I was sitting on the park bench and Andre (yep, it was Andre the Great Dane giant) came over to say hi, his face was just about level with mine. Don’t tell Deogi, but Great Danes still get my vote for the coolest dogs on the planet.

Then, right before I pulled into the garage, I saw another moment of “diversity” that made me wish I had my camera. This kid was riding his bike and attached to the front handlebars was a hardcore 80s style boombox made out of plywood. He had his music blasting.

And, finally, though this is a complete rabbit trail from the unusual sights theme of
this post, I was glad to have my camera to capture my mini-bouquet.

One of the nice things about Todd sending 18 roses for our anniversary is that there
are plenty to play with. The white roses opened up so beautifully that I couldn’t
resist pulling a few away from the bigger bunch to create a smaller arrangement
for my nightstand. Seeing flowers in the morning beats seeing an alarm clock any