Dad’s Advice on Shoe Organization

I love my dad’s witty one-liners.

Today I was telling my parent’s (mostly my mom) about this new flip-flop holder that I found at The Container Store. It’s one of those inventions that I really wish I had thought of first because it’s so brilliant in its simplicity. Even if I didn’t have the smarts to invent it, I’m glad I can get some flip-flops organized.

Now flip-flops are pretty much my favorites in the footwear category. I like cute heels and boots too, but flip-flops still come out number one on the list. My dad, however, has a passionate, burning hatred for flip-flops. Really, he does. Any chance he can get, he will mention how unsafe he thinks it is to wear them.

So, after I got done waxing eloquent on the brilliance of my new flip-flop organizer, my dad piped up from his recliner to say, “I know how I would store my flip-flops. I would throw them all into an incinerator.”

Oh, classic dad.

One thought on “Dad’s Advice on Shoe Organization

  1. Jess, yours & my dad must be long lost brothers, he would say the EXACT same thing!! He always says “gitchya some proper shoes on your’ll be cryin the blues when you drop that on your foot/stub your toe etc etc. 🙂 Holly

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