More local explorations

Tonight was the night for some more local explorations. Tonight’s destination was the Strausburg Creamery. After I grabbed some delicious Snickers ice cream, my community group girls and I took off on a walk through the quaint town. I did have a blonde moment when I thought, “Aw, they have carriage rides here.” Then I realized that an Amish buggy was passing by. The town  is a quaint old town with houses from the 1700s, and we decided to take a detour to look at the old cemetery in the church yard.

Odd feature: Most of the gravestones listed how many years, months and days old the person was when they died.

My favorite names on the grave stones: Mary and Joseph Carpenter.

Most likely names to revive for my daughters: Elsie and Clara

And, best inscriptions: The husband’s gravestone had some nice poetry about being happy and in heaven. His wife’s tombstone said, “She hath done what she could…”