Local Fun

I’ve had one of those weeks — where I either drag myself to work too late to get much done or where I do get to work eager to get stuff done only to encounter six billion distractions (yes, I’m convinced at these times that basically every human being on the planet does try to email, call, or stop by to see me). I can certainly resonate with this blogger.But, I don’t really want to write about that, it would just be depressing. Instead, I’ll list some fun local stuff that I’ve been able to do lately.

Fun Stuff #1 – Farmer’s Market – I went to the farmer’s market last Saturday. Technically, I might not classify this as fun. Despite all those idealistic student essays I read that were pro local food buying because you could meet your neighbors at the farm market, I wasn’t enamored with the crowds. My feelings could be more labeled as half amusement/half annoyance. The aisles are narrow at the market. Imagine trying to navigate a narrow two lane road when people have decided to use one lane for parallel parking if you want an idea of what our farmer’s market is like.  My amusement came in when I saw how many tourists wanted to take pictures. There was one guy taking pictures of cheese in a case. Let me be clear that I’m not talking about cheese artfully arranged in barrels and straw and whatever idyllic accessories you might envision. No, this was just blocks of cheese chucked into a deli cooler in seemingly random disarray. But the lovely gentlemen (::cough, cough: TOURIST::) had to block the aisle to take pictures of the cheese. But, at any rate, the cucumbers sans grocery store wax and polish were worth elbowing some people for.

Fun Stuff #2 – Yum, Senorita Burrita  I’m not sure if I’m exaggerating when I say that I’ve been much been lusting after a burrito from this place ever since I ate one a few years ago. I was not disappointed. It took me awhile to make my choice since first I had to decide which of the six flavors of tortilla  I would choose. Then, I had to pick pick one flavor from among the three delicious rices, narrow my choices down from four to one for the beans, and… I think that paints a pretty good picture. Plus, this place has…uh…interesting decor. There are cat statues strewn all over the place, including the two in the corner with the scary eyes that I have affectionately dubbed the demon kitties. As if that wasn’t enough, ice cream is only a couple of blocks down the street. Since the burrito place is just over a mile from my house, I can also walk there and  back and pretend like the ice cream was a 0 calorie treat 😛

Fun Stuff #3 – Finally, I got to go to the Fulton with my mom the other day to see Chitty, Chitty, Bang, Bang. It would be hard to exaggerate when talking about the quality of programming at the Fulton. If all cities had a theater this good, I somehow doubt the arts would be in at much trouble as they are. The show was a great stage adaption of a movie that I loved as a kid, the talent was stellar as always, and  the theater managed to make a car fly — with four people in it. Plus, our tickets in seats where we could see the entire stage with no obstructions were only $20. I think every time I see a show there, my only complaint is that I don’t take the time to see more shows.