Notes for future fame

I’ve made a decision for when I write a book and become locally famous (meaning only my family and maybe 1/4 of my Facebook friends will notice that I’ve achieved anything). In a dream world, this book would also have an audio version.

Side note: Actually, if there is no audio version put out by the publisher, contact me. I’ll send you a copy of the audio file that I’ll have to make for my mom to listen to since she’s not much of a reader.

That audio version will not have any music. Managing the balance between book and music is just too hard. Sure, the music can enhance the book like it did for the thriller I listened to. Between the music and the creepy plot, my heart rate jumped about 25 beats I think. But, other times the music is just cheesy or misplaced. Take for example, the audio version of Blink, which I was listening to at the gym yesterday. There I was concentrating on not falling off the treadmill as I jogged along at 4 mph (Please, don’t be snarky; I don’t jog often). I was listening to the book, adjusting the treadmill speed, reading the close captioning on the tv, and hearing snippets of songs from the gym’s blaring sound system. And, I kept hearing random piano notes. I was thinking, “What is going on?” as my brain nearly exploded from over-stimulation. The music playing at the gym certainly didn’t have a piano flair to it. And, I didn’t think the gym would hire someone ala Nordstrom’s style to sit there and play the piano (though wouldn’t that be kinda cool). And, I didn’t think the person running next to me would be blaring piano music on her iPod. Then, the piano music intensified, and I realized that as Gladwell was nearing the end of reading the book section, the musical interlude started. Too much, Gladwell, too much, and poorly timed to boot.

And, there you have it. I won’t have music on the audio version of my book. Music knocks readers off balance. Plus, I stopped piano lessons far too long ago to be able to put anything on the home recorded version for mom.

P.S. My brain could probably shut down quite easily from over-stimulation at the gym. Though distracted by the piano music, I learned that when our heartbeats reach about 175 beats per minute, the rational side of our brains nearly shut down, and we revert to an instinctual behavior pattern. So, if I ever leap from the elliptical wild-eyed, just wait for my heart rate to drop. Do not approach 🙂

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