Tonight while I was out shopping, I got to see a full rainbow. It was one of those perfect rainbows that can be seen from end to end. There it was, hanging right over the shopping mall, leading me to wonder if I could count the cute dress that I found as the pot of promised gold.

In all seriousness though, I like rainbows, even glimpses of them. I think I love rainbows so much because they fit into the elusive category of life. Sure, even though I’m bad at science, I know there’s a reasonable explanation for rainbows — light reflection (or refraction, or something like that). But, even so, rainbows are one of the things in life that you have to experience — like thunderstorms, hearing babies laugh, and falling in love. You can take a picture of a rainbow, but it’s not the same; you have to be there, be in the moment. You stand for a minute, and you know that you can never quite go back to recapture the moment again even if you want to. And, the moment captures you even if you are standing in a mall parking lot. You don’t have to be on a mountain or in a secret cove.

And, I like rainbows for their symbolism — a reminder of God’s promises. Sometimes, like so many pieces of rainbows I’ve seen before, I just see snatches of the promise, small encouragements. And, sometimes, like tonight, the promises are full and tangible and wrap me up in moments of amazement. And, yet, at the very same time, the promises are elusive with a beginning and an end that I can’t quite track down even if I try. They put me in a place to see that I’m under something much larger than me, something that I can partially understand while it yet remains elusive.