Join me on a summer adventure

Ok, let me start with the mission of this blog post: I want you to consider joining me in reading Awakening the Quieter Virtues by Gregory Spencer and talking to me about it online. Here’s the Amazon link, so you can check it out. And, here’s my top ten list for why you should join me:

  1. It’s me — ok, that’s not the best reason. Keep reading.
  2.  Talking about this book will happen online. If you are anything like me, it’s hard to stay consistent in spending time with the Lord over the summer because you’re on the run. If you join me on this little adventure, you’re not committing to weekly set meetings in a set location; you can just check in online from wherever you are, but knowing other people are reading the same book might inspire you to keep reading.
  3. You’re only reading one chapter a week. I won’t lie and say there are 9 page chapters, but I can say they are only 20-25 pages each. You’re not signing up for a book that has homework every day. It’s summer!
  4. It’s pretty inexpensive. You can get the book new on Amazon for about $11.
  5. I feel in love with this book in the first chapter. I got this book out of the library a few months ago, but I returned it because I realized two things: 1) I needed to own this book to read it because I plan to scribble all over the margins. 2) I wanted to try to gather a few people to read it with me; it seems like one of those books better read with multiple people contributing their experiences.
  6. This book covers discernment, innocence, authenticity, modesty, reverence, contentment, and generosity. Do I need those things in my life? Yes. Do you need them in yours? Yes. (C’mon, you know I can answer for you on that one). Flip to pages 187-188 on the Amazon preview if you want to see the definitions for these disciplines; don’t dismiss them right away because I think some of the definitions will surprise you. The book puts a fresh twist on some of these traits we think we know so well.
  7. This book has questions and practical exercises at the end of the chapters. We don’t even have to tax our brains getting the conversation started. You don’t have to commit to answering every question every week, and you don’t have to commit to doing the exercises. I want to hear your answers if you do answer them though, and I want to hear how the exercises go for anyone who takes on the challenge.
  8. The first sentence of the book is “I awoke to the sound of gunfire.” Seriously, if you’re not curious now, check your pulse 😛
  9. You could read this by the pool. No, I’m not going to pay for your pool pass, but I’m kinda getting to the end of the list of 10, and really, if you want to, you could read this book by the pool. I won’t stop you.
  10. I’m starting the book the week of May 30th, so you have time to order the book. Amazon and Barnes and Noble have the whole shipping process perfected. You don’t even have to pay for rush shipping, and at a chapter a week, we’ll be done with the book by the beginning of August, so if your life is tied to a school schedule like mine is, you’ll be done before school starts up.

For now, if I’ve won you over, just let me know. I haven’t figure out what online forum to use yet; it depends on who is committing and how many of us there are. Once I get a feel for that, I’ll get something set up.

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