Nothing like a good workout

Today it was time for two events to be put back on my calendar:
1) blogging — my poor, poor abandoned blog
2) working out

In the interest of cutting corners, I’ll now combine these two events by listing some observations that I’ve made about restarting a workout routine.

1) Sore muscles can put a slight damper on a nice spring day. Today was gorgeous, so it was time to go to the park with the dog. The poor dog must have been so confused when I decided that he should take me for a walk. Normally he just gets to play with his dog park friends right away. It was a great walk; I spent it scoping out potential picnic sites for this spring, but now I also know why the dog is stretched out on the couch looking like he might now want to move all weekend. My muscles are a little bit sore.

2) There’s nothing like a new workout DVD to remind me what an utterly uncoordinated human  being I can be at times. I don’t think I generally get the full benefits of a workout video until I’ve watched it at least five times and know what is going on. The first few times, I’m too busy thinking, “Huh?!?” Or, “Yes, I’ve got it! No, I don’t have it. Why are we changing the move already?”

3) There’s nothing like a new workout DVD to remind me of the spatial limitations of me living space. As Denise Austin roundhouse kicks to her heart’s delight in her studio, I roundhouse kick the loveseat, roundhouse kick the air, and then roundhouse kick the chair. Then, reverse and repeat – chair – air – loveseat.Let’s not forget the stretches that would have allowed me to turn on the ceiling fan if need be since my hand was on the pull chain that controls the fan already.

4) There’s nothing like a new workout video to make me wonder just how solid a floor built in the 1920s really is. My neighbor could hear me sanding drywall mud through the walls the other night. I wonder if she thought there was going to be a complete structural collapse as I worked on marching my way through the floor into the basement.

Ah… the process of prepping for spring clothes shopping in 17 days.