Teach us…to gain a heart of wisdom

Today’s chapter in The Rest of God was challenging, but it wasn’t challenging so much in asking me to do what I don’t do currently. It was more challenging in asking me to believe that what I do already isn’t all that bad. Often I end my days feeling like I’ve just lived a series of interruptions. It’s not that I don’t see the value of helping a student a little more with an assignment or talking with a friend or colleague, but often I end the day chastising myself for not getting my list of things to do accomplished. I say, “If I had just procrastinated less, if I had just been more efficient in dealing with that person…” Today’s chapter though said that often what we do in those moments of interruption is life. The interruptions are not life put on hold; they are where we often turn and recognize that time is a gift from God, and since it is a gift, we are to do with time what we do with all our other gifts from God, hold it loosely and give it to others who need it.¬† That wasn’t quite the time management strategy I was looking for to please my boss or to knock out my to-do list, and I’m certain there are times when it is appropriate to focus on those things too, but maybe, just maybe, I might be a tiny bit better at good time management than I thought.