Am I really standing here?

Today, I had my second chuckle about some of the “non-girl” things that I wind up doing. Yeah, yeah, that was just a massive stereotype thrown in there, but there are just some places on the planet where the ratio of men decidedly outweighs the ratio of women — hardware stores and Best Buy would be the two that I’m thinking of specifically.

A few weeks ago, I found myself bundling myself up to go out and buy a cordless drill. My old one has a battery that’s shot. And, yes, I did just admit that I had a drill already, my second one in life as a matter of fact. I was in the middle of trying to install shelving in the guest bedroom closet (still an unfinished project) when I decided it was time to buy a new drill. So, I grabbed my Harbor Freight coupon mailer (yes, I get those in the mail — addressed to me), called my dad for a little advice, and got a drill. I’ve been to the hardware store many, many times, but that day just struck me as particularly odd since only hours earlier, I had been sitting in a rather posh salon thinking, “Next time I’m going to shape my eyebrows before I come here. For crying out loud, look at these women.” I think I was more at home in the hardware store.

But, today, I was out of my element. My tv is on its way out the door. Perhaps I should not have exercised so much self-control on Black Friday because my tv is intermittently emitting high-pitched noises that annoy me and make the dog very, very uncomfortable since it reminds him of the sound on his training collar and makes him think the tv is out to get him. I thought I was ready. I looked up the tv review guide on and did some price comparisons. But, as I was walking towards the tv section (better known in Best Buy as the “home entertainment” area), my heart started to flutter. However, I think this heart flutter was distinctly different than the heart flutter that most males probably have when they walk towards the “home entertainment” center. After hearing a helpful employee talk about HD (as if I care about that; I’m a girl) and blue ray (don’t make me repeat what I just said), I’m sitting here waiting for one of my sister’s knowledgeable friends to weigh in on the decision by telling me what brands are reputable. I can semi-handle the hardware store, but I’m afraid I’m not ready for electronics without a little help.

One thought on “Am I really standing here?

  1. LOL! Andrea says HD & Blu-Ray are growing on her since we have both on borrowed time now. I maintain that I don’t care. I SEE the difference, but it doesn’t MAKE a difference to me. That’s my motto for Best Buy. 🙂

    Hope your help comes through soon. Let me know if not…

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