Baby’s Quilt Finished

It’s been almost exactly a year since I checked in here, and in just a week or two, I’ll have a baby. I’ve made some quilts this year — not too many — but somehow they never made it to here. I’ll have to try to catch up on that backlog. I have been documenting some of the pregnancy over at my other blog .

So, with a due date of January 19th, I wasn’t sure I’d get the baby’s quilt done. My fall quilting was devoted to remaking this quilt. 

Well, not quite remaking it. I took off one row of blocks to make it more compact. This was a quilt that I made for my sister two Christmases ago. Not long after that, she took it on a trip and shipped it home to reduce the amount of luggage that she had to carry. Despite a tracking number, the quilt never made it to her, and the post office was not helpful at all in helping us try to figure out where in Florida this quilt might have gone after it disappeared. She still had leftover fabric, so I surprised her this Christmas by remaking the quilt — and she says the post office shall never see it again.

After Christmas, it was time to get moving on the baby’s quilt — pronto. We don’t know whether we are having a boy or a girl, so I made a quilt that is gender neutral and fits in with our nursery colors – black, red, grey, and a little yellow. We have giraffes and elephants sprinkled into the room for a subtle jungle theme.

I wanted to base the quilt on this Valentine’s Day card that I bought a few years ago for Mark. I thought it was funny; I can’t remember if I had the quilt in mind from the beginning or if the idea occurred to me a little later.

Since I absolutely cannot freehand anything, even stick figures, I traced the giraffe onto a transparency sheet,  projected it onto the wall, and traced it out on the fusible webbing for the applique. I was definitely rocking it old school.

I rocked it old school when it came to the quilting too. I usually quilt in a wavy line, so I don’t have to keep the lines too straight. I thought a diamond pattern would be nice in this case. So, I pulled out my 1/4 inch quilters tape (an ancient roll of it) to keep me on track. The hubster gets a shout out here because having him to help tape all the lines saved tons of frustration (and he helped me square up the quilt too before I bound it).

And, your eyes are not playing tricks on you. Each of the pieces of the giraffe’s mane is an individual little tag. I originally was going to use a few different types of ribbon for the mane, but then I found some old binding in my sewing room that was perfect. It was even more perfect once I realized what project it was left over from. A few years ago, I made a quilt for my grandma when she went through chemo treatments.  The fabric in the mane is the same fabric I used to build the bookshelf and bind her quilt. It was a happy accident that the baby’s quilt is linked to his or her great-grandma’s quilt.

In one of the quilts that I haven’t posted yet, I also learned that I like to quilt some messy sketch lines around my applique. I decided to do that in the giraffe spots, and I like the texture that it provided.

And, here’s the full quilt. All the fabrics were from my stash except for the spots. Go me! I’m getting nervous. This baby has taken one room, and when baby #2 eventually arrives, I’ll officially lose my sewing room. Time to start sewing through my stash. Tips for sewing with babies around are welcome 🙂 

Well, ok, I will admit that I was going to use that red herringbone from the binding on the back of the entire quilt, and I do love it on the binding. But, when I was out getting some fabric for my sister’s quilt and the giraffe spots, I found a background fabric that I could not resist.

Seriously, could any of you have resisted that background fabric?

So, now, I have one more quilt that I want to get finished for the rocker in the nursery. I plan to finally finish a triangle quilt that I was working on before I ever got married. I don’t have a guest room in those colors any more, but those are the nursery colors, so all is not lost. However, it’s nice that the most important quilt is finished. Now, it’s just waiting and waiting (and vacuuming and walking and doing whatever people say will get this baby to decide to appear). We want to meet our new arrival and let him or her stretch out on the new quilt.