Wedding preparation marches on…

Here we are at 37 days to the wedding and counting!

I needed a photo in landscape format for my featured photo of the post, so I picked our engagement photo that seemed to be everyone’s favorite. Maybe when I don’t have time for too many words one week because I’m busy writing my vows, I’ll let pictures take over and post more engagement photos. Our photographer Megan from Blackstone Photography did an amazing job.

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I have three key thoughts about wedding preparation this week.

1. Meetings – I didn’t realize just how many meetings come along with weddings. Our blitz weekend of visiting about 9 venues is a distant memory now, but just since the new year started, we’ve had 4 meetings with our pre-marital counseling mentor couple, one pre-marital seminar, one meeting with the pastor and church wedding coordinator, one meeting with the florist, one meeting with the photographer, and one meeting with our venue coordinator. On the plate still is one more meeting with the pastor and church wedding coordinator, one more pre-marital counseling meeting with our mentor couple, my practice hair session next week, getting our marriage license next week, and touching base with the DJ to finalize the extensive online forms that we filled out.

Whew! It’s pretty difficult to get that all fit in around our jobs. I am thankful, however, that my job does give me some flexibility to move hours around meetings. Still, I you tell me meeting fatigue exists, I believe you. And, all those meetings lead me to my second point.

2. Wedding team – I’m grateful for the team of people that are surrounding us as we approach the wedding. We were super blessed to find a church where one of my former students is a pastor. An entire team at the church is incredibly invested in helping couples start a Christ-centered marriage. So, while I’m sure that Mark and I will face our challenges and might even have our first fight within the next year (haven’t had one yet), I feel like we’re being helped to be as prepared as possible to enter into marriage with our eyes as open as they can be. Our photographer, as I noted above, is fun to work with. And, our venue coordinator is a gem.

Oh, and the bridesmaids 🙂 I had my bachelorette  party since I last posted. I wasn’t documenting the night, so I only have one photo in my phone, but it was a blast. My parents lied to me and told me that they wanted to take me out for one last dinner before I was married. I thought that was strange since I love them fiercely, but we’re not a sentimental crew. Nonetheless, I picked a restaurant and got dressed up that night. I was taking the dog out for a walk while waiting for my parents when my sister pulled into my neighborhood. It was hilarious. My other bridesmaids had done a quick U-turn that I didn’t notice when they saw me with the dog; they texted my sister to warn her, but she was stopped to read those texts when I spotted her. The most hilarious part was that even though we both saw each other, we didn’t acknowledge each other. She drove past me, and I walked towards home. I was so confused because my sister lives about 2 1/2 hours away. I was just finally deciding to text her to tell her that I knew she was stalking my neighborhood when she and the bridesmaids pulled into the driveway. We went out to a nice dinner with me decked out in a pink cowboy hat completed by a veil hanging off the back and a shirt with boxes on the front that I had to get checked off by people. They kept the boxes pretty tame for me. I think the most embarrassing thing to happen was when I approached two elderly people at dinner to ask if they had been married 25 years so I could complete a check my shirt, and they told me they weren’t married. Oops! I did find two very nice people married for 30-some years in line at Walmart. Then, we opened gifts for the wedding night 😉 and proceeded to play laser tag. It was hard core laser tag with a foggy arena and all sorts of little buildings that we had to run between as we fought the other team. We definitely plan a return visit some time in the future.

3. Life after marriage I wouldn’t say that I lost sight of this during the entire process, but life after the wedding is getting more and more real. Mark’s furniture is getting moved in at the end of his month, and then he’ll stay with his parents for two weeks until the wedding. He told me tonight that he’s packing up his books and DVDs to bring to my house this weekend. I’m clearing off a shelf on the bookshelf for this guy! This is getting very, very real. I’m so ready to stop saying goodbye at night and to stop going days without seeing Mark.

Though I’m ready for life after marriage, wedding prep does roll on. This Sunday between meeting the pastor and the Super Bowl, Mark sensed it would be wise to take my stress level down a notch or two by focusing in on wedding projects. He made our practice cake while I worked on cutting fabric for our table rounds. I even, in a daring act of stress relief, have decided not to hem the fabric that forms a small circle on our tables. That’s right. I’m not hemming it! Circle hems are beyond my level of interest right now to get us through one day. And, yes, everyone, I just said that Mark made our practice cake. All. by. himself. (Ok, I assisted for 3 seconds with the cake leveler). I still pinch myself sometimes to see if he’s real.

Mark and the mixer


And, this next photo is one that I just like. We’re using a pumpkin cream cheese filling in our cake, assuming it survives the freeze/thaw test it’s currently being subjected to this week. Mark was letting Deogi get in on the cake making by letting him have a little pumpkin.

Mark feeding Deogi pumpkin

Well, until next time, I wish you all happy quilting. There should be more creating going on around here, but it won’t be of the fabric variety — unless you count that I have to sew my veil to a comb and mess with the lace a little tomorrow night…


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