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I’m sure I don’t have to tell any of you out there that wedding planning takes up many free evenings and lots of mental energy. However, I was thinking the other night that someday I will kick myself for not documenting at least some of the journey leading up to the wedding. So, even though it’s going to be a busy couple of weeks filled with work and finishing up the wedding plans, I’m making a goal to try to get on here to post at least once a week. So, this is your warning. If you come around the next 46 days, 15 hours, and 55 minutes, you’ll see more wedding preparation updates than quilting. (Seriously, who’s counting though?)

First though, let me say that I have gotten some quilting done over the past couple of months. I have three and a half quilts to show for my credit, but all of them have been gifts for people who read my blog or see my Instagram posts, so I couldn’t show works in progress. You’ll notice from the hastily snapped photos that I didn’t leave much time to photograph the quilts either.

Lauren's quilt front


The first quilt that was gifted was for my cousin who had a baby this fall. Her mom passed away fairly recently, but one of my other aunts had some clothing and asked if I would be willing to make a quilt. I used the Storytime Squares pattern because I  already used it once and knew that it lets fabrics speak for themselves. I pulled the pink from my stash to try to make the quilt a little more girly.

Lauren's quilt back


The fabric selection got a little tricky because my aunt also wanted me to incorporate some sunflower fabric that the baby’s grandma was using in some items for the baby. It didn’t gel with any of the fabrics on the front, so I used it in moderation on the back and tried to pick a binding that would work for both sides. The quilting was the first time that I’ve used a wavy line on my machine. It was a nice strategy to fill the gap until I have time to sit down and learn free-motion quilting.

mom's quilt 1


We had a lovely evening out at a local theater with Mark’s parents to celebrate his mom’s birthday, and I wanted my mom’s birthday to be special this year too. So, I decided that it was her turn for a quilted project. I remembered her liking my fabric pull for the Modern Trees quilt along, and she gets sentimental about ornaments that my sister and I have made in Christmases past, so I decided to resurrect the partially cut fabric for that project and get moving. In typical fashion, I finished the binding late at night at her house after she went to bed and then quickly wrapped up the gift.  Mark learned how a quilt is trimmed in an attempt to square up a project as I pulled to the finish line on this one. He’s the one who told me I’d better stop trimming or I was going to lose some trees 🙂 Next Christmas when it comes out of storage, I’ll have to try to get a better photo.

So, there’s my quilting that I have to show. Mark got a quilt too. I actually finished up my barn door quilt along quilt for him, but it turned out to be large enough to cover a double bed as a coverlet, and the weather was miserable by the time I finished, so we’ll grab photos of that sometime after it comes to roost here in 46 days, bringing its owner with it. Perhaps between now and the wedding, I can quilt a baby quilt for a baby who was born last summer (thank goodness for understanding friends) and can get to work on my sister’s beach quilt since sunshine and beach season will be here very soon after the wedding.


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  1. Glad you’ll be blogging more! 🙂 I totally know how wedding planning can take over your life. I have to admit that I was relieved when it was all said and done. Lol. You have been busy with quilts! The wavy stitch looks great – I need to find out if my Janome has it. I bet your mom LOVED your Modern trees – it’s a beautiful color palette! Can’t wait to see the last quilt!

  2. I’ve missed you! But yes, wedding planning can be a bit consuming 🙂 have a lovely day and remember that it’s just a day. The only important thing is that you and Mark are together 🙂

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