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I have no quilt pictures this week because I’m traveling for work. I just reached the halfway point of a week of scoring Advanced Placement English essays. So, all day, I read and read and read essays. I keep before me the  motivation of buying a fridge for the new house with my paycheck. Also, since this is my tenth year of doing this, I’ve met some great people, and we enjoy going out in the evenings to have some fun. Tonight was our traditional Trader Joe’s trek. Guys, my nearest Trader Joe’s is at least an hour away. It’s quite tragic, and when I do get near one, I lose my senses and buy three variations of caramel and three versions of dark chocolate. You can judge, but I won’t be listening. It’s chocolate and caramel, and even if I manage to resist that, I just can’t contend with the clever packaging. Stop it Trader Joe’s with your cute typography and bright colors!

I’m really back here tonight to remind you that the 2014 New Quilt Blogger Blog Hop is up and running for the week.

Plum and JuneI got to post last week, and then I made sure I hopped over to other blogger’s pages because posting is only a miniscule portion of the fun. The real fun is getting to know new bloggers. This hop is big, big, big. New hops lists are released only once a week, so you have time to explore.  I hope you visit everyone. To give you a taste of what you will find, I thought I’d give a shout out to a few of the bloggers who joined last week and then you can scroll down for this week’s hop stops.

Cynthia Brunz @ Cynthia Brunz Designs  – She might be my new hero and not even because of her quilts, which are lovely also. She told me that she used to manage rodeo cowboys, which pretty much makes her amazing! 

Vera @ Negligent Style – She posted the best introduction photo. So cute! Go meet her if you don’t follow her blog.

Sarah @ Smiles Too Loudly – If Vera has the best photo, I loved Sarah’s story about how she chose her blog name the best. One of the really fun parts of the hop is getting to know the bloggers behind the quilts and the blogs. 

Mary @ See Mary Quilt – Her quilting tips are golden. I want them on a plaque for my new sewing room space. Most of the bloggers are giving blogging and quilting tips, so that’s another reason to follow along with the hop.

Drowning in Fabric – This blogger is keeping it real by showing her mistakes. I love that; we all know that we make them, so we need to learn to not be afraid to talk about them. 


Linda @ Talking Lunchbox Quilts – It’s like Linda took my bucket list and made those quilts with her cute house and sailboats, AND she introduced me to the concept of stick figure quilts. I love stick figures, but it never occurred to me to put them onto a quilt. 

So, below is the list of the bloggers posting this week. I hope you have a blast meeting them. Seriously, grab some chocolate and caramel and go meet them.





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  1. Awww, thank you! And you know, its not like chocolates and caramel expire… I say stock up!!! I have one close to me, but its part of the football stadium shopping plaza, so I have to always check the stadium’s schedule before I go. There are others, but they involve pre-planning and other traffic nightmares. Trader Joe’s needs to start having a delivery service!!! I would tip the guy much better than I do the pizza delivery boy too!! 😀

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