Chaos and more chaos…the good kind

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It’s been pretty quiet around here because chaos has been reining. My dining room table doesn’t quite look like that now but it will soon because….drumroll, please…my house sold! It was only on the market for 5 days before the contract came in. Right now, I’m locked down for the week scoring Advanced Placement exams, so before I got wrapped up into that, I was scrambling to find a house.  Four days after my house sold, I found one that I wanted to buy, but I was beat out by a competing contract. Mark has now seen me cry for the first time because there were some tears after I got off the phone. The colors were great, and it’s nearly miraculous for me to say that I would move into a house and not paint anything or want to change anything.

However, a house with the same basic floor plan and only a few doors down was also on the market, so I asked my realtor to show the house to Mark and I the same day that I found out my contract had been turned down by the other sellers. I saw the house and put a contract in on it that night. I don’t like the kitchen or bathroom countertop finishes as much, and two of the bedrooms need to be painted ASAP since they are purple and pink. The deck is also too low to have a patio underneath. BUT, if truth be told, most of the colors in the house that I am getting are probably a better match for my furniture anyway. Once I accessorize, I think it will quickly feel like home. The basement in the house I’m getting is more open than the other one, so even though I lost the walk-out appeal, I gained more room to have people over to the house, and the first floor is hardwood vs. the first house’s carpeting. I’m a hardwood preferring girl, so I’m pretty happy about that too. And, I was able to get into the second house for less money. So, everything worked out in the end, and I guess that I can invite the people who beat me out with their contract to any get-t0-know-the-neighbor parties that I might have.

The first house looked across the stream to a farm, and this house overlooks the retaining basin for the little development, so I’ll see ducks in the backyard. I really like that even though it’s a cookie cutter block out front, I can look out the back to open space and not another row of houses. There are only about 60 houses in the little development too, so I hope it’s going to be a great place to meet the neighbors, and a little footbridge leads to the next development down the road, so there are plenty of quiet places to go walking.

Now that I have the mortgage paperwork shuffled back and forth, my mind is starting to swim with ideas of what goes where. I’m anticipating going appliance shopping after the week of essay grading is over, and I’m itching to get at boxes and packing tape.

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4 thoughts on “Chaos and more chaos…the good kind

  1. Wow! Congratulations on the sale and purchase of a new home – sounds like it all worked out very well and super quickly! I’d love to talk paint colors with you if you would like to post some paint chip photos! 😀

  2. Congrats Jess! When my parents bought the house I grew up in, they tried to buy another house first but someone else beat them to it. They also picked another house that had a similar floor plan that was for sale. My mom made a point of meeting those people who bought “their” house, and they are still best friends now, almost 30 years later! You’ll definitely have to meet the people who “stole” your house 🙂

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