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heart pictureIf you want to add some new blog loves to your blog feeds or email inbox, don’t miss the 2014 New Quilter’s Blog Hop that starts on June 4th. This blog hop is going to be huge, and it actually starts right here! Beth over at Plum and June started this blog hop and has taken on the monumental task of organizing four weeks of the hop that will stretch to mid-July. I’ve been interacting behind the scenes with the 2014 group of bloggers, and you’re not going to want to miss seeing their blogs. Drop back here on June 4th, and I’ll be posting the hop list for the week so you can go check out the bloggers.

Plum and June

I’ve been gearing up for the hop, so I’ve built a new front page. Forgive the slow load time; it’s going to improve soon because I’m learning to make all those pictures play nice.

Also, drumroll please…

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Well, hello, iPhone and Instagram.

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I’ve joined Instagram. I just got an iPhone, and Instragram was one of the first apps that I put on it. Find me at @oneenglishteacher, but if I don’t comment on your photos just yet, sit tight. I’m going to be getting an Instragram tutorial from friends because I’m pretty klutzy about using it.

I started the post talking about blog loves, and I’ll end it talking about love. Today was 100% gorgeous here in Pennsylvania, which was an extra special blessing for friends who had an outdoor wedding on a dairy farm. It was a lovely afternoon celebrating with them.

Scott and Adeline's wedding  May 2014


Here’s Mark and I enjoying the evening. I’m nearly giddy that we’ll be celebrating our six month anniversary at the end of this week. Want to know how cool Mark is? When we went to the aquarium last month, he looked at a fish and told me, “That would make some great quilt colors.” You can be jealous, ladies, but you can’t have him 🙂

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  1. IG is what pushed me over the edge to get a smart phone. Happy anniversary – heading over to check out your Blog Hop, I’ll be doing mine in July so I’m especially excited to see how others posted (why reinvent the wheel, right?).

  2. I’m going to look for you on IG. I’m in the hop too, and am enjoying reading your blog. Pennsylvania looks beautiful where you are. We live in the lower Hudson Valley of New York; lots of mountains, and the Hudson River. Look forward to seeing more of your posts on the hop, and nice to meet you!!

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