A little fabric mosaic therapy

Whew! Today was better, but this week at work was rough. How rough? Yesterday when I was locked in my office in dim lights, I had a sudden intense craving for a chili dog. What? Weird.

I left work and ordered a chili dog with nacho cheese and…wait for it…a strip of bacon. Double what?!? I was only a few hours away from needing someone to step in to save me from my own poor choices. I think my sanity was slipping.

Given those circumstances, it was a great idea to end the day virtual fabric shopping and just relaxing. Rachel at Stitched in Color is hosting a fabric mosaic contest. The theme is soft ethereal pastels, an even better addition to the relaxation idea. So, here are the two mosaics that I came up with using fabrics from Lark Cottons.

mosaiccbdd1e170f4d8ddf8dadf6010bce5598697c65c3 (1)


Soft Stroll is what I’m naming my first mosaic because I let it be inspired by nature. I think the deeper blue road lay out because it anchors the ideas of walking. Mark, my boyfriend, will probably be amused to see two rain-oriented fabrics on here because he and I are very different in one regard. I do not like to walk in the rain NOT.AT.ALL. And he loves rain. Maybe I should have tossed some little umbrellas into the mix.

mosaica69b1f677c1730063b51827cafbc43ea5170ec2c (1)


The next grouping is Cotton (Candy) Joy because I was aiming for the colors of cotton candy and the rule was that there had to be a little whimsy to the fabrics that went into this group. I don’t even like chickens in real life, but that chick fabric is killing me!

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