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Paula over at The Sassy Quilter has been one of the bloggers who I have pretty much religiously kept up with since I started bouncing around the quilt blogging world. It might be hard for any one else to even get me to attempt to join a quilt along during the final weeks of a semester. But, I just need to remember that carving out some quilting time here and there in the final weeks is like carving out sanity time.

So, what is Paula doing? She’s leading a triangle quilt along;  I’ve been intrigued by them for some time, but I probably wouldn’t be brave enough to attempt one if I wasn’t getting this helpful push. It’s pretty much going to be an epic quilt along. Sign-ups don’t end until tomorrow night (hint-hint, wink-wink), and there are already 82 fabric selection posts linked up! Go, Paula!

The Sassy Quilter
Sales are a little slow (read: non-existent) over at my Etsy shop, so I decided to stay motivated, I do need to be mixing in some quilting projects that I’m going to keep. By the time all is said and done, I want to eventually put something quilted into each room of the house — something that fits, something that I love. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if  I’m going to love, love, love a quilt until I start to piece it, but since making a red, black, and white quilt has been on my wish list for awhile, I’m going to try to make a quilt for one of the guest bedrooms.
guest bedroom with lamp
I try to keep this room geometric with clean lines, so I think a triangle quilt is perfect. I did add some gray to the mix because I didn’t want a ton of sharply contrasting white.
triangle stack long
I’ve been stashing away black and white fabrics here and there, but I thought I might have to go fabric shopping for this quilt along. Nope! Behold, a stash raid has yielded enough for the front, backing, and binding of the quilt. Yay!
Ah…looking at the wall in the background makes me happy. My sister is a master faux painter 🙂
triangle inspire
Ok, time to get inspired and get this quilt along started. Fortunately, Paula will release a new step right in the middle of my quilting retreat (c’mon first weekend of April), so I should be able to at least get through the first phases of the quilt during the retreat.

3 thoughts on “Triangle Quilt Along Fabrics

  1. Um, I loooove these fabric picks! They are just perfect for your bedroom here. P.s….I love that lamp over the bed!!! Thanks for joining in Jessica:)

  2. Your fabrics are lovely. I can see that beautiful triangle quilt working perfectly in your room. I’ve been umming and ahhing about joining Paula’s quilt along but I think your blog has just decided it for me. I’m joining! Thanks Jessica.

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