To my audio book friends…

It’s going to be a short post since I’m getting ready to go tackle the bathroom door… yeah, that dumb one that I’ve already spent 6 hours working on.

As I slipped my MP3 player holding my audiobook into my pocket, it occurred to me that here might be a good place to ask for a little audiobook advice. I broke the clip on my little MP3 player, which was a sad day because it makes it less easy to  hold onto when I want to sew. If I’m in my comfy flannel PJ pants and sewing, I don’t have a nice pocket to stick the MP3 player into, so I put it in my lap, but then if I have to bounce between the table and ironing board, it’s a hassle.

So, I’m in the market for a new player, and I figured a bunch of people who listen to audiobooks while they sew would be the ideal group of people to ask. I know for sure that I don’t want anything fancy or expensive, so while I know plenty of people like their iPods, I won’t be buying one for myself. I also don’t need any video capabilities either. This thing just needs to play an audiobook, and it just needs to have enough memory to hold 2-3 audiobooks since I borrow them from the library and delete them when I’m done.

Here’s what I would love to find if it’s a feature that doesn’t break the bank. I’d love to find a player that can bookmark where I stop a book. Then, I could switch back and forth between a non-fiction book that might not hold my attention for hours and a novel. That’s definitely a negotiable, but if anyone has a player with a bookmarking function, I’d love for you to tell me about it.

To give you an idea of what I have now, I’ll post an Amazon link below. I’ve had it for several years, and since I found mine on a discount site, it owes me nothing. If anyone else is in the market for a simple player, I would recommend it. As a matter of fact, the one I have still works perfectly fine, and the battery is charging fine. I’ll probably load it up with music for the car since that player can just sit in my console and doesn’t need a clip.

Ok, bathroom door, here I come. And, thank you in advance to anyone with a little audio book player advice.

One thought on “To my audio book friends…

  1. No advice on audio books, but I’ve got a co-worker friend who tucks her iPod between her boobs while she’s at work, and we always laugh because it gets overheated and then the screen stops working so she can’t see the names of whatever music she’s listening to.

    Random pointless anecdote, there.

    Anyway, good luck finding something 😀 Another co-worker of mine used to listen to a lot of audiobooks at work and he’d always be irritated about how if he lost his place somehow he’d wind up fast forwarding through 2 hours of talking or whatever trying to find where he was at. (He had a super unsophisticated player.)

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