Lovely Year of Finishes – March Goal

Hey! Three blogs posts in a row. I’m gaining steam again or procrastinating about grading student work and doing lesson planning — take your pick 🙂

So, there was no lovely year of finishes celebratory post for February because I didn’t get my barn door quilt finished in time. It was an ambitious goal, and February is a short month. Plus, I may or may not have decided that I could fit in three full quilting projects by mid-March back before the semester actually started. I swear, it’s like I have a magical defense system that makes me forget how crazy busy life can get during a semester, so during the off-time between semesters, I dream up all kinds of crazy schemes to keep life interesting and varied.

Plus, in case you haven’t noticed the home improvement posts that have hijacked the blog, some other projects have been moved from the back burner to the semi-priority list. Yes, bathroom door that consumed precious hours I’ll never get back. I’m still frustrated by you. I’ve also taken time out the past two Sunday afternoons to start snooping around open houses instead of quilting.

PLUS, there’s a guy hanging around here who brings me beautiful gifts like this for Valentine’s day.

Mark valentine's day flowers


He tends to get my Friday evenings now instead of me spending them with Betzee, the faithful sewing machine. It’s not a hard decision to make. Sometimes some of the different seasons that make up a life overlap a little, and that’s 100% ok. Then, it’s just time to step back, wiggle the timelines around on a few goals, and enjoy the journey. So, enough waxing eloquent about not hitting February’s goal. I did get the barn door all pin-basted last night, so it’s ready to quilt. Get ready, Betzee, this is a big project!

Now, finally, the moment the post title promises. Here is March’s goal.

star light star bright marked fabrics


I’m going to turn this sad little pile of fabrics into the top for the Star Light, Star Bright quilt. Know what I just realized? The grand prize linky opens March 12th! Hm…lost track of time as I was missing the smaller check points… Guess which project might have just jockeyed for better position in line? See the little yellow lines. These HST units are marked and ready to be sewn.

I’m going to be a little more moderate in my goals and just aim officially to have the top done by the end of the month. Secretly in my heart I’d love to have it quilted in time for the April 2nd parade…but I also realistically know that I want to have the house on the market by the middle of April, so…. remember what I said about balancing the seasons of life and enjoying  them? Yeah, I’m going to make that the top goal.

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