Star Light and Snow

I’m slipping in the cutting stage of the fabric for the Star Light, Star Bright quilt along right under the wire. Yesterday I got snowed in at my parents, which meant being snowed in away from my fabric stash. Quilter’s.worst.nightmare. So, last night’s project got pushed to tonight. I didn’t even get productive enough to finish a curtain project for my mom, and there was fabric available for that 🙁

But, I’ve got the Star Light fabric ready now. I’m just making a one block version since I liked my star surround QAL one block so much. I’m going small scale on this and just making the 32 inch block, which will finish 38 inches square. I know that’s on the tiny side for a baby quilt, but I’m thinking of possibly using flannel instead of batting to quilt this, so it can just be a lightweight cover in the spring and maybe even be small enough to easily fit into a diaper bag. The ABC and yellow fabric will be the star with the other pink fabric forming the surround. I scored 3 yards of that pink polka dotted fabric for about $8 total on my latest trip to the fabric stores. Crazy! One of my LQS will often have “remnants” that are 3 yards marked at $3 a yard. The only catch is that the buyer has to take all of the yardage. In this case, that is ok because I’ll use it for the backing and the binding too.

I definitely could have cut the fabrics out faster if I had admitted that my rotary blade had a nick in it. Ugh…I hate admitting defeat on a blade. I have a rotary blade sharpener and sharpen the blades for as long as I can, but eventually I have to give up, especially when it gets nicked. Does anyone else out there stretch their blades until there is just not one cut left, or do you switch pretty soon after they lose their edge? While we’re on rotary cutters, can I just say that I started out with the Fiskars rotary cutter . I never thought I’d leave it because it felt so safe, like maybe, just maybe I could avoid slicing a finger open. But, recently I picked up an Olfa Splash , and I’m liking living on the edge (except I wish when I bought it, I’d have realized how much I could save by ordering online). The blade seems to be mounted more firmly to the handle, and there seems to be way less wobble. Plus, it’s a pretty color, and that never hurt anyone.


Though I’m sneaking in under the wire for cutting this week, I might get to actually start piecing tomorrow because we’re anticipating another possible snow day. Here are some pictures from Monday’s snow.

driveway before

My mom woke me up just after 5:30 after a late night Super Bowl party to tell me that it was too late to beat the storm out but that I might want to try to back my car up to the garage in case I wanted to escape later. All I succeeded in doing was running out into the cold snow at 6:00 and getting my car stuck in the middle of the driveway. I went back to bed.

snow blowerBy the time I woke up, there was snow, many, many inches of wet heavy snow. I felt like I would be a horrible daughter if I made my parents come home from work in the dark to try to plow through it, so I figured I’d might as well try to teach myself to use the snow blower.

snow blower directions


Oh yeah, thank goodness for directions printed on machinery. I even got it to start on the first or second rope pull, which was amazing because generally tools with a rope start and I do not get along.

before selfie


It’s go time. I was grateful that a few extra pairs of socks made my mom’s boots fit.

driveway after


Done! Well, since snow blowers are amazing inventions, I actually wasn’t exhausted by the time I got to this point, so I took a shovel and skimmed the remaining snow off the driveway. Moving the car was the hardest part since apparently Gretel does not like to back up in the snow. Good to know.

dogs wrestling


The dogs decided to romp around while I shoveled the steps down to their pen.




My parents’ dog is a St. Bernard cross, so snow is her element.

shelby crazyExcept for maybe here where it looks like eating snow has driven her mad.

deogi closeup


Deogi got in on the action too. It’s so hard to believe that he’s got to be at least 8 or 9 because he sure doesn’t act it sometimes.

shelby shakingFinally we all followed Shelby’s lead, shook the snow off, and went inside to take a nap.




3 thoughts on “Star Light and Snow

  1. I am doing the same size! I think it makes a good new baby quilt. And when they get older they can carry it around with them:) The snow looks beautiful….but I bet its a lot of work!

  2. I’ve been a Fiskars user for years and years too and just decided to try out the Olfa Splash and am surprised to be liking it so much, mostly for the same reasons: I like the way the blade is held in (and how easy it’ll be to swap out the blade too when it gets dull). I wish it had a push button to close it like my Fiskars cutter, though, since I often forget to slide the thing closed.

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