A Lovely Year – February Goal

One day this Barn Door quilt is going to get a proper photograph because it didn’t last time and today was not the day either. I’ve decided that it’s virtually impossible to have a day without too much wind for quilt photography at my parent’s house. I was sewing at their house today and didn’t make quite as much progress as I wanted to, but I did make some progress. I’ve got 9 more rows to put onto the quilt, and 4 rows are constructed and ready to go. I thought I had 5 ready until I realized I messed up the math…again. Sarah’s directions are right on target, so no worries if you’re thinking about making this quilt. I just keep messing up because I’m doing some alternate piecing to keep that geometric fabric in one piece. Fortunately, the mistake I made is pretty easily fixed. And, I have all the fabric that I need now. Thankfully the dye lots were pretty much dead on when I had to go pick up more of that textured blue to finish off the quilt. And, I do have all the border fabric and binding fabric cut, so in that regard I’m ahead of schedule. Let’s focus on that part, shall we?

Even though I’m not quite where I need to be for the quilt along, I’m linking up at Sarah’s barn door quilt along link check-in for this week. I’m also linking up to A Lovely Year of Finishes because finishing this quilt is my February goal. I’m not looking forward to basting the quilt (does anyone ever look forward to that?), but I am looking forward to quilting it. While I was working on it today, I figured out how I want to quilt it. And, maybe, just maybe this quilt will finally get a good photo op when it’s finished.

P.S. I told my parents that they could actually show their faces in the picture today, but they opted for the quilt with legs look 🙂

7 thoughts on “A Lovely Year – February Goal

  1. OH it is very cool. I know what you mean about wind and taking pictures. I have not had any opportunities either. I was way behind and just started my barn door yesterday morning. I am making some headway but have not blogged about it yet. I am curious as to how you are going to quilt it. I am thinking about it as I go but so far nothing as come to me. I can’t wait to see more of yours.

  2. It looks great! I still want to try this one too but wanted to make it smaller and that’s kind of thrown me because Ack! Quilt Math! Anyway, one of these days I’ll figure it out. (Or just give in and make it as suggested, rather than trying to work it out smaller!)

  3. So cool!!! I’m so excited to see this one starting to come together. I put the borders instructions up today, and we’ll check in together again Feb. 10. I’m giving everyone until March 3 for the final link up!

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