Toning up Thursday…are we there yet?

Ok, first let’s start with a little news on the quilting front. I’m going to my first modern quilt guild meeting on Saturday. It’s a sewing day and the challenge is semi-secret. I only know I have to bring 3 fat quarters inspired by a picture that got emailed out, all my basic supplies, and a 12 inch modern block pattern of my choosing. Then, we’re going to sew something, but there will be a twist. I’m excited to meet modern quilters in the area, and terrified at the same time by the word “twist.” I’m just envisioning bumbling my way through unfamiliar territory. I haven’t quite settled on a block yet. I could work on one from Vintage Revival and I have some marked on Pinterest, but if anyone else has suggestions for a 12 inch modern block tutorial that I can find online, I’d love to hear them.

Now, on to toning up Thursday news…

I’m in this little challenge with my friends to lose five pounds in five weeks, and we’re halfway through that time,  but I’m not down 2.5 pounds. Hm…guess what I had for lunch today? Ding, ding, ding…whoever guessed a salad is the winner. I seriously was pretty irritated at the scale on Monday morning because I even passed up gloriously fried mozzarella cheese sticks when I was out to dinner with my parents and the scale hadn’t budged from last week’s number. Seriously, I think passing up cheese sticks ought to have earned me something worth writing home blogging about. I did weigh myself three days later though, and the scale is now moving — and in the right direction to boot.

At any rate, I obviously kept my remaining fast food passes intact since I passed up those cheese sticks.

I also worked out twice. I’m doing Jillian Michaels 30 day shred, which might not be going as well as if I was doing it in 30 consecutive days…but it’s a start. You’ll most likely hear more of my take on this little gem of a workout at some point in the future.

Finally, I don’t think I quite hit my water goal every day, but since I’m up to using the restroom about every 2-3 minutes, I think I’m getting pretty close to being fully back into this habit.

The water goal brings me to the reflection of this week, which is learning that sometimes it’s valuable to tweak a goal if I need to eliminate some excuses from the equation. I noticed that leaving my water bottle either at home or work was a huge excuse that I’d use since I had apparently programmed myself to believe that I lose all my water measuring capabilities without the magical water bottle. So, I picked up another water bottle. That still left me in a quandry. How would I know how much water  to put in the bottle when I got home to equal what was left at the end of the day at work?

Side note: I’m pretty aware at this point that I must seem like a lunatic about this water bottle, but I’m just keeping it real.

So, I told myself that as someone who has a master’s degree for crying out loud, I could overcome this measurement obstacle. Here’s how I tweaked the goal. I used to not count water consumed at meals into the goal of drinking the water in the water bottle. Now, any water I drink during the day counts, but I have to drink both bottles — the one at work and the one at home, and those bottles are not allowed to leave their designated locations… except to maybe take rides in the car. You know, for when I am trying to finish up my work water before I get home…


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  1. I hate when the scale is stubborn but happy to hear it’s moving in the right direction again. I laughed at the water bottle story. It’s amazing how we can complicate things for the simplest of reasons 🙂

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