Barn Door Quilt Along – First Check in

First, let me say thank you and then thank you again for dropping by for the blog hop last Friday. The comments that were left were so encouraging and kind. Madame Samm made my Friday morning by featuring my quilt along with another beautiful one on her blog page, and everyone was so sweet about that little zig zag stitch that accidentally wound up in the quilting. Maybe I ought to work that into everything. I could be like the Zorro of the quilting world. I’ll just bust out stitch #81 like he busts out his sword and leave my mark on my quilts 🙂 Also, I’m inspired to keep on with the tedious work of writing up the pattern. Stay tuned for when it is ready. The hop continues today and tomorrow, so be sure to go check out the last two days of inspiration for working with solids and to enter the giveaway.

Next, let me apologize for what might quite possibly be the worst quality picture I’ve posted on this blog in awhile. The the barn door quilt along linky for the first week is ending in a couple of hours, and I don’t want to miss it. I think I have a good excuse for my midnight toss-this-sucker-over-the-ironing-board-and-shove-it-into-the-living-room-for-the-best-light-possible photo shooting, which I’ll tell you about in a minute.

Because I was wooed by that geometric fabric while roaming the aisles of the fabric store, this quilt became more difficult than it should be. I’m adapting the directions that Sarah at Sarah Quilts has so carefully laid out, so I don’t have to cut the geometric fabric where it meets the center X of the quilt. So. much. math. I’ve messed up quite a few times along the way, but I think with seven rows down, I’m settling into a rhythm. Even if you’ve got your project table piled high and can’t possibly take on another project right now, I’d still go cruise through Sarah’s posts for this QAL. She’s giving out helpful tips that apply to a wide range of quilting. In fact, her tip about pinning was echoed by an award-winning longarm quilter who spoke at the quilt guild and was trying to help us all understand how to avoid handing over quilts with waving borders that make quilts so hard to finish. So, this clearly means that Sarah is one smart quilter 🙂

I didn’t get the daylight shot today because I had intended on coming home from church and getting in a good two hours of quilting before heading out to a hockey game that I was looking forward to. Instead, I got sidetracked at Joann fabric where I was supposed to just see if some foam for my sister’s birthday present was in stock. Alas a sidewalk bin of Christmas deco for 90% off was screaming my name. I even forgot momentarily that it was freezing cold outside. For just under $20, I got two 30 inch wreaths, 8 evergreen swags that can hang from porch posts, and enough poinsettias to have one flower for each swag with some left over for a wreath. Oh, and a few small sprigs of fake berries. $20 is 50% of what one of the wreaths originally cost. That’s some math that I like, and that’s a good enough excuse for not finishing the quilt in time for afternoon photos, right? .

8 thoughts on “Barn Door Quilt Along – First Check in

  1. I never had trouble with math when it came to what was on sale and what the savings would be. It totally astounds my husband that I can do all that in my head but can’t punch the right buttons on the calculator if I try to balance the checkbook.

    I DO have too much on my plate, how did you know? Yes, I will go over to Sarah’s anyway. How did you know that, too?

  2. Yay!!! I’m so glad you got linked up in time because this is looking so great. We are all imagining in our heads that it looks even cooler in perfect, natural daylight. As if that exists this time of year!

    I’m so impressed that you got that math worked out!! I think you are the smart quilter here. 😉

  3. Oh I just love the fabrics you chose. Such a different look to them and whatever you changed…it looks great here:) Now I am regretting not making one, but I will keep the info for when I can!

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