Wake up to KONA – Day 9

Welcome to my stop on the blog hop. If you’re new here and want to see what I made last year, you can check out this page.

This is my first time participating in a blog hop, so a big thank you to the energetic Madame Samm at Sew We Quilt for keeping one hop after the other rolling and a thank you to this particular hop’s cheerleader Carol at Just Let Me Quilt who put together the schedule and kept everyone on track. And, of course, sponsors Amanda Murphy, KONA, and Aurifil get a big thank you as well. They’ve donated plenty of great giveaway prizes that you can check out at Sew We Quilt

I needed no convincing to create a quilt exclusively out of solids. I raided my stash and then went to the fabric store to see what else I could find. Along with black for the backing, here are the colors I worked with. Grass green and buttercup are two of my personal favorites.

wake up blog hop colors

I had designed my own pattern for a contest last fall; even though the pattern didn’t win, I still wanted to see it come to life in fabric, and solids seemed to be the perfect choice. So, I got to work and saw this emerge.

racing stripes quilt front closer view


For the back, I used black and quilted it with threads that matched the fabrics on the front. I pre-shrunk my batting, and these pictures show the quilt washed, so it got a bit crinkled but not tons, which was the goal so the colored stitching could more fully show on the back.

racing stripes back 3

The quilt is roughly 50 x 60, so echoing the lines in the piecing was tough on my domestic machine. Some moments while trying to shove the quilt through the throat of the machine, I felt a slight panic rise up not unlike the kind I feel if I get a shirt with a collar that’s too tight stuck on my head momentarily.

As I got more tired, I decided to measure just how much space I had to the right of the needle because 3/4 of  the way through a quilt is the time to figure that out, right?

5 1/2 inches. Yes, I was pushing this big quilt through that tiny 5 1/2 inch space. That’s when I thought to myself, “This is practically like asking the machine to give birth to this quilt!” Free motion quilting is definitely in my future.

quilt signature in racing stripes

Sometimes I hate mistakes in quilts, but sometimes I love them because they give the quilt a story. See that little zig zag stitch. While I was shoving the quilt through the machine, I accidentally hit some buttons and changed my stitch. So, a few zig zags got loose; I think they are a reminder of the birth of this quilt though, and it’s kind of convenient that they look like a W since that’s the first letter of my last name. Let’s just pretend I was signing the quilt with a flourish, shall we?

Now that the quilt is signed and has come home from the playground, this quilt is ready to find a new home and can be found in my Etsy shop.

Definitely go check out the other hop participants today. Here is the schedule:

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I hope everyone has been following the entire hop; if not, you might want to go check out the hop’s Pinterest board to see at a glance the wonderful quilts that have been created and revealed so far.

And, I hope you stop back. I’m working on writing the pattern for this quilt and hope to be putting a call out for pattern testers sometimes in the next couple months. If you want a sneak peek at what I hope to quilt this year, you can check out my goals, here and here. Thanks again for stopping by!

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87 thoughts on “Wake up to KONA – Day 9

  1. Love the quilt – great pattern!!! Solids were perfect for this quilt. You did a great job of quilting this baby! I could NEVER quilt a quilt on my DSM…wow! I love your “signature” and think you should intentionally add it to every quilt from here on out 🙂

  2. Your little “w” adds some character to the beautiful back of your quilt. I love the front of your quilt and the design you chose to show off the solid Kona’s! I’m so glad you hopped with us!

  3. Lovely pattern and your color choices are perfect for it. I have a machine with a 4.5″ harp space, so understand the ‘birthing’ comment with the FMQ.

  4. Very interesting pattern. I really like the colors you chose and the play yard photo background is a great choice to showcase this quilt. I used to have a machine with a much smaller throat and quilting was a challenge. I still have a time managing a bed size quilt on my home machine. The zigs and zags give the stitching character. Thanks for sharing in the hop … 🙂 Pat

  5. what a wonderful quilt you’ve created!! both in color and pattern 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing today and yay you for accepting the character of a so-called “mistake.”

  6. Your quilt is beautiful and I love the pattern you chose or should say, designed! Thank you for sharing.

  7. Your ‘Off to the Races’ is a fabulous design. And a perfect display for these Kona colours! In my opinion perfection is over rated and I love how you can celebrate your W as a design element. Really enjoyed your description of your sewing machine giving birth to this beauty. Well written post. Thank you so much for sharing!

  8. Love your color choices along with the matching threads on the back…and I’d say your little ‘w’ is a ‘winner’!!! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  9. I love that you shared your w on the back. Your quilt is very cool with all that direction. Kona fabric looks good in your design. Great quilt!

  10. So impressive! I would love to buy your pattern. Have you thought of selling it as a downloadable pdf? Your setting for the photography is PERFECT. I just love the quilt, especially the flourishing W.

  11. I had best watch my grammar on this post;-) Your original quilt pattern is perfect for solids and your color choices are great. I especially like the way you shadow quilted a strip in the light blue fabric. svonfumetti at yahoo dot com

  12. Great colours! Lots of energy to this quilt design. Your W on the back made me smile, so glad you left it in there as bit of whimsy. I think it makes it extra special.

  13. As I got more tired, I decided to measure just how much space I had to the right of the needle because 3/4 of the way through a quilt is the time to figure that out, right?


    Congratulations on your first blog hop, they are very addicting. 🙂

    I love the quilt as well, really nice, and the back is really awesome, zigzag and all.

  14. Your quilt it beautiful both front & back! Perfect pattern for solids. Thank you for sharing your talent. This blog hop has been inspiring.

  15. this is truly super. The colors are fantastic and your quilting is great, but best of all the pattern is just stupendous. Thanks for sharing and for inspiring us on.

  16. Can I play too? Love your pattern and colors. Corn Yellow is the color I use for the cross/Star of David for my prayer quilts. Kona colors are wonderful. Your colored stiches on the black were a great idea, they add pinach. Thank you for sharing your piece of art.

  17. Great quilt and great setting for a photo shoot too. It sure makes things come to life. I had to laugh at your oops moment… Not to worry we all have a little zig and zag in our quilts from time to time. Yes, it does give them a personality, just like people! 🙂 I do hope we see more of you in future blog hops!

  18. This turned out great! I don’t often work with only solids so it’s fun to see quilts like this! The quilting looks great and I’m in awe that you did it with only 5.5″ of throat!!

  19. I don’t see why you didn’t win in you contest you entered last fall. That quilt is beautiful. I like how you made you backing also. And as far as mistakes…did you know that a true Amish quilt will have a mistake in it? They will put one in somewhere on purpose for their theory is that only Hod is perfect. So you just say that is the way you intended it to look. Thanks for sharing.

  20. Your quilt design is perfect for the Kona solids. I adore your backstory on the sewing machine giving birth to your quilt. You are so correct about the stitches telling the story. Thank you sew much for hopping…

  21. Beautiful quilt. I really love the design you created in the quilt. Will you be writing instructions for this quit by chance? I really do love it.
    And yup! It looks like you were autographing the back to me so I’ll admit to that if anyone should ask. 😉

  22. The quilt is awesome! love it…. and you’ll get better with the quilting with more practice… maybe it’s time to long arm quilt??

  23. I love it. the design is awesome but I especially love the back! I would never have the patience to change thread that many times.

  24. Your quilt turned out great….your pattern should be popular. As a new quilter, solids are less scary to use. I am loving this hop. Happy New Year from Oklahoma, USA. crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

  25. Well written post,you had me smiling and chuckling as you described the “birth”of this beautiful modern quilt! I know the feeling,as my machine throat is only an inch larger than yours. I have wrestled quilts myself,so feel your pain. Love the signature in your stitches,keep up the great work.

  26. This is a great pattern. I hope you are able to publish it soon. Your quilting and use of the coloured threads fit the design so well. Thanks for sharing.

  27. Thanks for sharing your colorful quilt. It looks great at the playground, I bet it looks great anywhere. Keep up the good work. K

  28. Your pattern is perfect for the Kona solids. That’s quite the feat – getting the quilt through that 5 1/2 inch opening. I did get a great chuckle out of your birthing comparison!! I loved that you changed threads all those many times; definitely worth the efffort since the back is super!

  29. I love your quilt with all of those bright, Kona colors! Really a great contribution to this hop. My, you are going to be busy this year! I took a peek at all you hope to accomplish! Good luck!

  30. What a fun and unique pattern you created….the quilt looks awesome. I can’t believe you did all the machine quilting in such a small throat space. Wow.
    Oh and I love the quilt pic on the playground. 🙂

  31. This is Amazing!! You are soooo creative!!! Love that you used the varigated thread…LOOOOVe your Quilt!!

  32. Hehe, this is exactly why I hand quilt. I have an older Singer with a small throat and I know I would get frustrated trying to machine quilt something this big.

  33. Your quilt pattern should have won…it makes a wonderful quilt. Love the bright colors and the thread you quilted it with. Congrats on being the Creative person of the day !

  34. Wonderful color choices! After quilting it on your little machine, I bet you felt like you had done pushups all week! Thanks for sharing. Your photo layout is very clever!

  35. I love this quilt! It looks so stunning in all solids. And I like your happy zig-zag accident! It looks like a super hero left her mark 🙂 How did you pre-wash your batting? I’ve been really wanting to try it, but am nervous about how to go about it.

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