And then there were aprons…

There have been some firsts around here.

On Monday, I reached my 100th Bloglovin follower! How fun.

Tonight, I joined my first quilt guild. I really, really wish that a modern quilt guild was closer. The Philly one is just too far away to scoot to meetings after work, and there is a small start to one in Harrisburg, but the events seem to be fairly infrequent. Instead I joined the Red Rose Quilter’s Guild since it is right down the road. It’s a huge guild; I think they announced that there were 98 members present tonight. One kind person sat next to me for the whole evening and gave me the behind the scenes of how the guild works. Because the guild is so large, they encourage the formation of smaller sub-groups. I was looking down the list today, and there is no modern group. However, the newsletter said new members should not be shy about offering to start a group. I’d be pretty tight on space where I am now, but if  I move and my new house has a bigger living room or dining room, I just might have to start a modern sub-group and see what comes of that. And, when the AQS show comes to Lancaster this March, I’ll be on spring break, so I’m going to get an email out tomorrow to the coordinator at the guild to be a volunteer at the show.

Tomorrow morning, I’m hoping to be able to tumble out of bed to photograph my complete blog hop quilt. This morning was rainy and disgusting and left me glad that I had tried to finished the quilt with a few buffer days before my deadline since winter quilt photography is ridiculously difficult.

I did manage to use the teeny, tiny span of a few dry planks on the back porch to snag a few photos this afternoon of some children’s aprons that I made using a wonderful fat quarter tutorial at Aesthetic NestThey are reversible and addicting, so without further ado, here they are (and they are also listed in my Etsy shop).

An Apple a Day

apple apron front


apple apron reversed


Mod Chic

chevron apron


chevron apron reverse 2


Floral Pop

daisies apron


daisies apron reverseTime out! That giant wrinkle on the yellow side makes me nuts. I need to get to my parents’ house soon to pick up my new ironing board cover that arrived after Christmas in the mail.

Ice Cream Treat

ice cream apronice cream apron reverse


ice cream aprong close upSigh…that ice cream makes me want summer. Tomorrow morning when I’m freezing while trying to get a decent outdoor quilt shot, I’ll have to focus on the positive like how I’m not being eaten alive by mosquitoes while I try to take a picture. Gotta find winter’s silver lining, right?

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3 thoughts on “And then there were aprons…

  1. Hey good lookin’! You got lot of great things cookin’! You are quite a prolific apron maker. They are all so pretty! Nice to hear you joined a quild and made some new friends. Congrats on the Bloglovin’ milestone!

  2. The guild sounds like it will be fun! And a new group for you to start would be cool. I wish I wasn’t so busy or I would join a couple:) love the aprons, cute fabrics. Good luck in the Etsy shop!

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