Sell this place Saturdays

Ok, I know I’m getting all listy on you. Doing a blog hop is tough…I can’t show you my half quilted project.

That’s ok because I wanted to start a regular sell this place Saturday post anyway. I’m seriously considering putting my house on the market over spring break in March. In many ways, I feel like doing that is buying a one way ticket on the crazy train bound for the land of no spare time. But, at the same time, I have a bunch of good solid reasons for moving as well. If the house doesn’t sell, it’s ok for me to stay here, and at any rate, if I get through this list, I’ll be done with the projects.

I figure I might stay more motivated if I make a space to post progress every now and then. Don’t worry quilting stuff it coming back very soon.

Without further ado, here’s the list. I’m giving it all boring, boring style because it’s so long. I’ll ramble on like usual in the updates and maybe even shoot a few more in-progress home improvement shots like this one that I took after I fixed my dishwasher with the help of a nice man on Youtube.

headlamp victory pose



  • organize
  • take chemicals to recycling center
  • pressure wash floor
  • clean up neighbor’s trash (don’t ask)


  • tidy up bushes
  • fix clothesline (gotta hang the finished quilts somewhere)
  • replace bottom screen with plexiglass or new screen


  • clean
  • get furnace repaired


  • clean grout
  • seal grout
  • try to get grout off cabinet
  • touch up brown paint on door
  • fill in holes in molding
  • paint ceiling
  • paint trim over powder room door
  • get window unstuck

Powder Room

  • touch up yellow paint
  • install trim over powder room door
  • paint newly installed trim
  • fill in holes in molding
  • paint ceiling

Living Room

  • touch up yellow paint
  • find shade for floor lamp

Dining room

  • make valance
  • rehang curtain rod
  • get window unstuck
  • patch wall that dog destroyed in his daily quest to eat the mailman

Upstairs bathroom

  • fix trim and/or paint black
  • install trim by tub
  • fill holes in molding
  • paint ceiling
  • make curtain
  • clean up any rough caulk in tub
  • strip paint off door
  • repaint door

Guest room #1

  • get rid of storm door
  • finish handles on nightstand
  • make headboard
  • touch up scuffs on wall

Guest room #2

  • make headboard
  • hang new art

My bedroom

  • purge clothing
  • purge books/sell bookshelf
  • finish lampshade for bedside
  • hang quilt

Sewing room

  • organize!
  • finish painting desk/sell desk
  • scrape paint off windows
  • shred old files no longer needed
  • touch up trim paint

Front of house

  • pressure wash porch, sidewalk, and alley
  • trim bushes
  • put down new mulch
  • fix railing

Um…I’m tired now. Oh wait, the only thing started on the list is cleaning the basement; I did get the old dryer hauled away this week and tidied up about 1/3 of the basement, so it’s a start. I’ll have to tear myself away from quilting on occasion to start knocking out stuff on the list.