2013 Recap

The quilty blogging world has been filled with fun recaps of the creative endeavors of 2013 over the past couple of days; I, like so many others, have enjoyed meeting other quilters via blogs this year, and it was especially fun to read the pages of those who were new to quilting this year just like I was.

I decided to set up my own recap for the year as a separate page on my blog. I like it when quilters keep the recap of their quilts accessible as separate pages on their blogs; when I find a new blog, I flip to those pages. The recaps feel like a meet and greet where I can see what a quilter’s style is like, and I think I’ll enjoy being able to see my own progress over the years as well. I thought I only had six quilts for this year, so I was excited to discover as I flipped back through posts and pictures that I actually had eight quilts to show for 2013. I welcomed 2014 by going fabric shopping and cutting the pieces for a new quilt top tonight. Here’s to a new year of quilting!