Full Moon Shenanigans

I got a quilty present today that I have to show here when the light gets decent enough to photograph it. I love it!

For tonight though, I thought I’d share a little bit of holiday craziness via a reproduction my evening Facebook status and my sister’s response.

To background this, I have to say that my dog, Deogi, is a thief.

Deogi head shotDon’t be fooled by that face. If there is any food left on the end table in the living room, he’ll take it. If there is a cardboard box waiting to be recycled on the kitchen counter, he’ll “recycle” it by shredding it all over the living room floor. This habit has been getting worse since it’s been a particularly busy semester with me being on the run quite a bit and us not making it to the dog park as much as Deogi would like to go. So, in some regards, I’m bringing these horrors upon myself.

The second little piece of background is that my sister dislikes Deogi; we could probably go as far as to say that she hates him. She’s not an animal person to begin with, and he put himself in the dog house, literally, with some not so nice behavior back when I first adopted him. He really and truly likes her now and gives her this hopeful little tail wag when he sees her, but it’s a grudge match that I don’t foresee ending unless he does something amazing like dragging me from a burning building.

So, anyway, here’s how (in slightly edited fashion) things went down around here tonight:

My Facebook status: came home from work to find that the dog had eaten almost an entire loaf of italian bread, 2-3 nutella brownies, and all the packaging for my sister’s surprise Christmas present. I asked him, “Are you from Satan?” I think it was a legitimate question in the moment…

My sister: But my surprise present is still safe??!

Me: well…I’m going to try to buy a brand new one, but if I can’t, I promise the present will be thoroughly sterilized and almost like new…minus any cardboard packaging because that was a lost cause. I was like, “For real?!? You know she already hates you, right? This is not going to help.”

My sister: lol. i can’t wait to see what this is. If it can be sterilized with *very minor* teeth marks, you shouldn’t buy another one!

Me: P.S. if you factor in a full moon and the nature of your present, his behavior almost makes sense. I think perhaps he chose your present last…maybe when the mailman came and triggered his kill mode and he was already on a nutella brownie sugar high.

My sister:  I like surprises. It sounds like you bought me a baby vampire for Christmas…


I’m glad Christmas is coming soon because it’s much harder to keep a baby vampire under wraps than I anticipated.

And, for those of you worried about dogs and chocolate, I don’t recommend feeding chocolate to your pets, but Deogi seems to be weathering it this time just fine — as a matter of fact he was acting like a 10 month old puppy instead of an 7 or 8 year old dog. He seems to have come down from his sugar rush and is striking a sleeping pose on the couch that looks something like this.

Deogi sleeping


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