Back the produce truck up

The first picture is a promise that I remember that I have a sewing machine. Between the yard and school, I’ve been too busy to get sewing. But, last night, while I indulged in watching Castle, I was busy ironing like it is my job. I’m hoping that I can grab at least a few hours this weekend to sew. More than a few hours would be great. I have quite a few projects that I want to make.

Roots produceTonight though instead of sewing, I went to Root’s Market. I cannot believe that I have lived in Lancaster for seven years without going to this land of magic. It’s like a carnival without the overpriced rides, so basically all the good parts are left. There are charming strings of lightbulbs hung to light the fairways. There are  funnel cakes, french fries and ice cream(guess who might not have a good weigh in this week?) Oh, and lots of PA Dutch desserts. I did avoid them…even though some were on clearance. A slight but not noxious odor of animals hung over the place just as if it was the county fair. I told you…magical.

And, here’s my produce haul. Are you ready for the prices? Grapes – $1.49 a pound; Plums – an entire basket of 16 for $3 (I traded my friends some plums for some peaches); all the strawberries – $4, the seedless watermelon – $2 (what?!? I still can’t get over it); and the Cauliflower – white was $1.50 and then I stood there asking the farmer so many questions abut whether the yellow-orange tasted different that he gave it to me for $1. I need several good cauliflower recipes.

Deogi pig knuckleEven the dog is thrilled with the pig knuckle that I brought home for him. His eyes almost bugged out of his head as I dangled the bag containing it in front of him; it’s possible there have been people less excited about winning the lottery. Now, I just need to figure out how to convince him to give it up before bed because he is not chewing on that thing in my bed. He’s lucky he’s not outside with it.

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